Are you running a reputed organization or company? You must be hiring new employees on a daily basis. But how do you ensure that the candidates you are hiring are genuine? Since there is a tremendous increase in the notorious activities around the world, it is your responsibility to imply efficient security measures to keep your workplace safe. Many entrepreneurs rely on background verification services to check the details of the candidates before hiring them. Address Verification is one of the most important aspects of the complete employment background check. Every multinational company constitutes the residential address check of the applicant while verifying other details.

Address Verification is the process that ensures that the address provided by the candidate is correct. It assures you of the citizenship of the candidate. Also, it helps you avoid identity thefts and frauds and builds your confidence in the applicant. Residential address confirmation affirms that the candidate has no association with illegal communities. Knowing the right address of your employees is important to carry out correspondence with them in pre-hiring and post-hiring phases. This refers to sending out offer letters, application forms, and other documents. Also, it can be useful to send legal notices in case any need arises. Moreover, if the candidate commits a criminal act during his stay at your company, a verified address helps the law enforcement authorities and police to move further with the investigation.

Things That Are Verified During The Residential Address Check

  • Does Address Exist or Not: The very basic motive of the address check is to confirm whether the candidate has provided his correct address to the organization or not. It verifies if the address given by the applicant exists or not. Some companies send their executives to the addresses of the candidates to enquire about their residence. But, now there is an availability of digital address checks where smart software yields essential information from the authentic resources and generates accurate reports.
  • Address Photograph: The candidates are required to be present at their address at the time of verification. The executives take a picture of the candidate inside the house. Also, they ask for a passport-sized photograph with the candidate's signature on it for records.
  • Duration of Stay: Another important point verified during the address verification is the tenure of the candidate's stay at every address provided at the time of the interview. If the candidate had stayed at multiple locations. The reason for moving so frequently is also asked. Moreover, the executives verify the candidate's conduct with the neighbours and flatmates to ensure that the company is making the right hire.
  • Type of Ownership: The executives enquire about the type of ownership you have at every residence. The candidate who has stayed at various locations is required to provide the ownership details of each address. He has to affirm whether he had rental ownership or was a legal owner. Also, the executives confirm the candidate's stay with the landlord in case of a Rental Agreement.
  • Applicant's Relationship With The Verifier: There has to be the presence of a third person at the time of address verification. He or she is known as the verifier who verifies the candidate's stay, duration of stay, conduct during the stay and reason for vacating. The executives enquire about the relationship of the verifier with the applicant. The verifier can be a family member, neighbour or landlord.

Get An Automated Address Verification Services

Verifying the details of your employees cannot be taken lightly or ignored. Be it employment verification or address verification, you must implement effective and authentic measures to fetch the accurate information about the candidate you intend to hire. This can save you from multiple threats and frauds. It's better to be safe than sorry in this unreliable world. If you are looking for reliable and competent address verification services to conduct a residential address check for your employees, then EmployeePast is the best solution for you. It is an efficient employees' background check software that functions using the latest technologies. It automates the task of complete employee verification and saves you plenty of time. Get in touch with us for more details.