As every sector of our commercial industry is evolving at a fast pace, the threats to it have increased in the same proportion. You can no longer rely on everyone, nor can you trust everyone's words without doing a confirmation check. We come across headlines stating malicious activities around the world through newspapers or news channels almost every day. Cases like fraud employees in banks, corporate employees harassing co-workers or an employee indulging in serious violence on the premises have become very prominent nowadays. Considering such high rates of mal-incidents, conducting a background check for any criminal or notorious records of an employee has become very much important during the process of recruitment.

A bad employee can prove to be lethal for your company, as it is said a single employee is sufficient to drown the reputation of a firm. Besides, the employee that you are hiring today is going to be around you and the other employees every day for at least 8 to 9 hours. So as a responsible employer, it becomes your duty to ensure everyone's safety during work hours. Are you making sure that the candidate joining your company has a clean background?

How does a Background Check create a Secure Environment?

A safe and secure environment in the workplace would always maximize an employee's productivity and efficiency. And to provide a secure environment for the employees is an employer's responsibility. Running a background check of a candidate saves you and your company from a number of troubles that a notorious employee can get you into. A candidate with a dark background can not only let the company's esteem down but can also prove to be a danger to co-workers in various ways. Implying effective measures to check the candidate's background in the following prospects would assure you of a harmonious and secure environment for everyone: 

1. Criminal records: The measure that you simply should be efficient to check if the candidate has any previous criminal records. It is a very common practice among frauds to hide their criminal records and present fake documents. To overcome such practices, your background check system should be smart and advanced.

2. Drug Addiction: It is very important to check for an employee's bad addictions that can harm the company and its employees, before hiring them. Make sure your background check system has ways to find these things out.

3. Association with illegal communities: The most common form of crime nowadays is taking place under the name of terrorist activities. These terrorist groups have an association with people that live among us and lead their lives normally until they are required. They work among us and fetch information for those illegal groups. Protecting your company from such people should be your major concern while hiring new employees.

4. Violence records in the previous company: You should imply measures that check a candidate's character and conduct with his previous company and make sure that he/she does not have any records of violence or bad conduct.

5. Mental stability/Medical records: Running a check for an employee's medical conditions and mental health is an important part of the background check program to ensure a healthy work environment.

Some effective measures to execute Background Screening

The measures used for background screening have recently evolved from time-taking, unreliable manual methods to more accurate and robust digital methods. Earlier, background checks used to be carried out by the company's HRs manually by making phone calls and sending emails, but the method was very unreliable since there was no surety for the authenticity of the information received. jiWebtech has come up with an effective solution to this problem in the form of EmployeePast. It is an efficient and robust software solution that eases the task of background screening and draws information with authenticity. This software runs a candidate's background check digitally and ensures the employer moves further with the hiring process. EmployeePast exhibits some amazing features that can prove to be extremely helpful for an employer:

  • Runs background checks digitally
  • Saves ample time
  • Does identity verification
  • Checks for criminal record
  • 5. Runs a family background check
  • 6. Checks the authenticity of the degrees and certificates provided

Winding Up

We can sum up by saying that background screening is the need of the hour for hiring departments. It ensures a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace and increases productivity. Only checking a candidate's background is not enough in this era of cyber crimes, but employing an efficient method to avoid any fallacy in the process is very crucial. If you are looking for robust software that authenticates every information provided by the candidate, then EmployeePast is the right software for you. Contact us to get this effective software and make the task of background screening easy and simple.