Summary of ToXSL

ToXSL Technologies is one of the leading Software development companies with over a decade of experience located in Mohali. As the organization is growing continuously it has built a robust reputation providing unlimited employment opportunities. With over more than 220 employees working they needed more control of their hiring and the background screening process.

To streamline, reduce fraudulently, and decrease the turnaround time for hiring, a highly automated solution was required that would give an edge in managing the hiring in real-time.

Hiring Challenges

1. Fake Resume

85% of employers job candidates were caught lying in their resume. This fraud can lead to the wastage of resources, denies the job opportunity to a qualified candidate.

2. Time-Consuming Background Check

The hiring process is the most tedious and, recruiters know the pain well. As the verification of documents was taking months to hire the deserving candidate many deserving and valid candidates were left behind in the hiring process.

3. Fake Letters/Documents

It has become a common problem for the recruiters and HR’s and, it's a tough job to identify the fake experience documents and certificates. It was a considerable challenge for ToXSL as well but, EmployeePast cross-verified all the documents and helped them overcome the challenge.


Offered Automatic Backgrounds Checks

The manual tasks could easily take up to 7-10 working days to find out the entire history of the candidate. When the process is automated and handled by EmployeePast, the intake for verification requests and its nature is no longer a worry for the ToXSL team. EmployeePast offers Pre and Post Employment screening both of which are beneficial to you and your company. EmployeePast offers such features are given below -

  • Verify Employee Details

Instead on believing on resumes we offered the complete details of employees in a smarter and automated manner.

  • Identity and Qualification Details

From conventional to in-depth we offered accurate identity and qualification verification that caters to today’s business requirements.

  • Criminal Record Check

We understand how important criminal verification is, and we helped ToXSL deliver the accurate information.

  • Ultimate Employee Experience

The organization enjoys the benefit of automated employee verification. Employees are the internal customers. If a wrong candidate is hired it disorganizes the work culture of the entire organization. We solved the issue by offering verification services that ensure they hire the right candidate.


  • Automatic and Quick Verifications

  • Empowering Employee

  • 70% faster speed leading to the increased hire

  • Improved quality of new hire and brand reputation

Why ToXSL chose EmployeePast?

EmployeePast created a safe environment where the employees feel respected with our exceptional services. Our promised and transparent background checks helped ToXSL to find and hire high-quality employees and increase their productivity as well.

ToXSL ease of use and quick turnaround for High Volume Hiring

With over years of experience in Background verification services, ToXSL was thoroughly impressed with EmployeePast support and services. “EmployeePast has been such a breath of fresh air with its top-notch and transparent Services. It made them worry-free during the complete verification and hiring process, since, EmployeePast live chat and quick to respond 24/7 support team, consistently backs Cornerstone’s large employee base.

We know that if we need something taken care of before the end of the day, EmployeePast will make sure it is completed.