About Us

EmployeePast is one of the leading background screening solution provider in India. EmployeePast helps you in taking quick, smart and better decisions. We have been offering a reliable and compliant platform for small businesses to well-established enterprises. Thus, helping all business segments to build successful relationships with their customer base across the globe. We are an online background screening solution provider which outdates the traditional way of verifying the candidate details while hiring. We implement the latest technology tools and assist businesses to verify the documents in an accurate manner. Our prime focus is to deliver services to wide segments including- enterprise solutions, small startup solutions and individual solutions.

Why EmployeePast is the Best Employment Screening Services Provider?

Being one of the largest and trusted background screening vendor, we help businesses to solve the toughest background screening problems in an easy way. A wide number of organisations across the globe choose EmployeePast's innovative services and increase the efficiency and accuracy level in their business. Having a team of experienced folks, we try our best to simplify things and deliver easy and clear outputs to our customers. Want to know more reasons why customers rely on EmployeePast, here are a few reasons that are enough to convince you!

Data Integrity: Our top class employment screening services are specifically designed while keeping data integrity in mind. Our genuine and accurate reports help customers to gain faith in the accuracy of our work. We adhere to the industry recognized standards and work upon the genuine methodologies.

Rapid Turnaround Times: We believe in on-time deliveries with 0% delays while offering the outputs to our customers. In order to assist customers to make faster decisions, we deliver fast and verified outputs in real time. We leverage mobile-first technology to fasten up the hiring time and make hiring job easier.

Globally Trusted: We offer top-notch services which assist businesses to hire faster, easier and better. We offer services which are easy to use and fit within the customer's defined budget, this is the prime reason customers show trust and faith in our brand.

Compliance-driven solutions: Risk mitigation remains as one of the key pillars while you are developing your employer brand. At EmployeePast, we focus on developing services that can perfectly match today's as well as future demands of the customers. 

Wide exposure and experience: Our team of experts has wide experience in the hiring strategies and they keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends being practiced in the hiring industry. 

24/7 availability: We ensure that we stay available round the clock for our valuable clients. We have a team of expert professionals who are available 24/7 to answer your queries and solve issues instantly in case they get stuck somewhere.

Mark a Difference With Us

We clearly understand the sensitivity of carrying out background checks, we are here to assist you. We promise you that we'll assist you in hiring the right talent for your organization and empower your brand name in the market. It's time to give some thought and take a wise decision to hire smartly and more accurately!

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