Due to the continuously increasing competition in every field, the incidents of candidates providing fake degrees and certificates for a job profile have tremendously risen. It is very important to invest effective measures for qualification verifications at the time of hiring new candidates. Employers should take the issue into consideration to avoid hiring an incompetent candidate.

This problem not only poses a threat to the employer for hiring the wrong employee but also causes injustice to the deserving candidates. Qualification verification is a part of the employees' background verification and should be done with much seriousness.

Purpose of Education Verification

The purpose of education verification is to verify the academic credentials of the candidate to ensure the relevancy and authenticity of the documents. It confirms whether or not the candidate has actually earned the diploma or the degree claimed. It builds confidence in the employer for his employees and ensures that the most rewarding positions are held by the rightly qualified applicants. The cases have come into the light where candidates claim to have degrees and diplomas from fake universities. Such candidates if hired, badly affect the productivity of the organization. Also, the verification justifiest the capability of the candidate for the particular job profile.

Along with verifying the educational credentials of the candidate, the authorization of the candidate's domestic educational institute id also confirmed during the screening process. This is because there are some fake and unapproved institutes that claim to have affiliation from independent agencies whose standards and curriculum are much lower than the acceptable academic standards. Such institutions are called "Diploma Mills" and they offer certificates of every level from primary school certificates to university degrees. It is important to implement strong means to detect and eliminate documents from these fake agencies.

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Importance of Education Verification

  • Educational Background: Education verification is necessary to investigate the employee's educational background. Companies should verify the credentials, university, passing grades and the authentication of the documents provided by the candidate. Many people claim to have their degrees from foreign institutes. Firms should cross-check the details provided.
  • Prevents Bad Hire: A great number of candidates nowadays fabricate their academic credentials and portray to be eligible for job profiles requiring high qualifications. Conducting qualification verification prevents employers to hire the wrong candidate for their company and saves the cost of employment.
  • Eliminates Candidates With Unethical Educational Background: It helps in eliminating the applications of the candidates with documents from diploma mills. The process detects unauthorized degrees and facilitates smart hiring.
  • Verifies the Skills Sets: It helps the employer to hire the candidate with the right skills set required for the job profile. The verification process detects the candidate portraying to have the required degree or qualification. Hiring such candidates can ruin the company's reputation and cause the ultimate failure of the project they work on.

How To Conduct Qualification Verification?

  • Manual Verification: Some companies verify the educational history of the candidates appearing for the job interviews manually by giving a call to the institutes or checking the university websites. This method is becoming obsolete due to increased fraudulent activities.
  • Third-Party Verification: Some organizations hire third-party verification services to do background checks for their employees. The third-party companies generate reports and forward them to the first party.
  • Education Verification Software: Implementing qualification verification software in the company is the most efficient way to authenticate the educational records of the candidates. It enables HR management to verify the academic documents of the applicants easily, effortlessly and in no time.

Wrapping Up

To ensure high functionality and performance at your workplace, it is a vital step to verify the qualification history of your employees. It would build your trust in the employees and save you from assigning an important project into the wrong hands. EmployeePast is the most advanced background check software that facilitates a complete background check of the candidate you intend to hire with no difficulty.