Criminal Record Check

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Whenever you hire a new candidate for your company, there are various things you need to consider- skills, experience, qualification, employment details, and personal verification is also crucial. But apart from all these factors, carrying out a criminal check is also a vital thing that you can’t skip at any cost. If you don't conduct a criminal record check of candidates you are about to hire, it can be a major issue and result in adverse outputs. Your one careless mistake while judging a candidate can land you in a lawsuit. So, the only way to stay on the safe side is to carry out criminal checks before you onboard or even finalize a candidate for your organization. After all, he/she is going to represent your brand name, you simply can't risk it by hiring a person indulged in some criminal activities.

At EmployeePast, we understand the importance of criminal verification and try our level best to deliver accurate and genuine information to our clients worldwide. Our team is dedicated to providing all types of background verification services as per the business requirements. We use the latest techniques to perform thorough and robust criminal checks and hire the most genuine and deserving candidates.

We perform complete criminal record verification while abiding by the standard laws.

Key Benefits:

  • Help in recognizing the people indulged in criminal cases
  • Keep you away from wrong hires
  • Maintains your brand name in the market
  • Protects organizational assets

We offer one of the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective screening services for all kinds of businesses, from startups to enterprises. Using EmployeePast, you can hire the ideal candidates, thus uplifting your brand name in the industry and reaching the objectives. Try our services now and know how easy it can be to judge the wrong hires.

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