Finding the right candidate that fills in the position for the organization is one of the hectic tasks. The recruiter would check the resumes, interview the candidates and decide on whether to hire the candidate or not. The recruiters face many challenges during the process of hiring. What if they hire the wrong candidate that does not fit in the organization?

Well, this could harm the reputation of your organization, the employees working within bring down their morale. Therefore, it becomes crucial for organizations to conduct background checks on the candidates they hire. But what are background checks? Let us discuss it in detail.

What is Background Check?

A background check is a process that allows the recruiters to verify the criminal, personal, social, financial, and employment records of the candidates. So whatever job you are applying for, with background checks you can confirm whether the candidate is the one who he claims to be. 

There are different kinds of background checks used for different situations. The most common type of background checks includes employment verification, criminal verification, job history, family background checks, and more.

What does the background check cover?

Depending on the type and purpose of background check, the background check can cover all the details that include:

1. Employment Verification

When you hire a job candidate, you can surely check the information provided in their resumes and job applications. The employment of the candidate is verified with background checks. It ensures the candidate has the same experience that is mentioned. It includes checking their previous job titles, period of employment, salaries, and much more.

2. Criminal Records

The criminal background helps safeguard your organization while ensuring the candidate you are hiring does not prove to be a danger for your organization. Even if there is any offense, it is vital to consider the type, when did the incident took place, and know whether it was very serious or not.

3. Background Check of Employment History

It is another important background check that includes checking the previous job, the position, performance during the job, tenure of the job, salary, and more. It helps the recruiters to know how the candidate performed in the previous organization. The background check organizations help to check and verify the candidate details while digging deeper.

4. Contacting Personal and Professional References

It is referenced based, the background is checked while contacting the previous managers and the employees. With the references you can have an idea about the genuine candidate, the employer also asks about the job performance.

5. Residential Background checks

Address and family details of the candidates are recorded well. For permanent addresses, the verification step is being done by the background check companies. It helps ensure that the address provided by the candidate is true. The temporary address is also verified if the candidate is no longer staying at their permanent address.

Boost your trust and safety with Background Checks

The main reason for a background check is to offer the employer detailed information about the candidate and their work history. It would help you identify whether you should hire the candidate or not.

However, conducting a background check also brings positivity to your organization. Run a background check with EmployeePast and continue to boost your workspace productivity.