With huge competition and a tight job market, the applicants struggle to find their desired job. The candidates may lie, misrepresent and fake their resumes to secure a job position. Well, it is not only the candidate who struggles, but also the recruiting team faces many challenges. The recruiting teams need to ensure that the candidates they are hiring perfectly fit the organization. They need to be aware of forgery and have to maintain the reputation of the organizations by eliminating the hiring of fake candidates.

Some red flags make the employer hesitant to hire job candidates. However, there are many ways an employee can mislead the organization. Let us discuss a few of them.

How do the candidates fake their background check report?

1. Incomplete or Purchased Degrees

Education is what represents the caliber of a candidate and makes them different from one another. All the organizations demand qualified candidates from reputable institutes or colleges. As there is an increase in the demand for education being the topmost requirement for the job candidates, they may mislead the recruiting team under pressure. It can be done in many ways:

  • Fake certificates can be created by the candidates that represent they had completed their degrees.
  • Purchasing and representing a degree from an unaccredited institution is mostly done by the candidates to get their jobs.
  • Their degree was never completed and they never enrolled.

Well, this can be prevented with the Background Screening of the candidates that ensures all the details are correct and the institutes you have mentioned are being accredited.

2. False date of birth to avoid a criminal record 

The applicants are well aware if they had any criminal records in the past. They would do their 100% to hide this from the employers. And the criminal record can be easily found by the date of birth. The candidates may provide the wrong date of birth and may mislead the employer.

Well, this can be prevented if you ask for a driving license to find the correct details about the date of birth. Background checks would prevent such errors while helping the organization to hire right and continue to grow.

3. Fake Experience Certificates with the unknown employer

Many organizations offer fake certificates to employees just to earn some cash. They will provide a fake degree to anyone willing to pay for them. Well, these kinds of organizations are only limited and exist on the Internet. This may confuse the employer, and they may end up hiring the candidate who didn’t have reliable working experience.


How to prevent Background Check Errors?

Background Screening of the candidate if well conducted and researched allows the employers to know the real image of the candidate. Whether it is a qualification record or a previous job record, employers can verify every detail of the candidate. That leads to nothing to worry about, and the employers can use their time in performing other essential tasks.

EmployeePast is a faster, simpler, and more cost-effective way for businesses to carry out background verification and check the history of the applicants where ever they are. Are you ready to hire the most efficient candidates? Contact us and resolve all your queries!