Did you know that 85% of employers caught job candidates lying on their resumes? How can you suspect a resume is falsified?

Today’s job market is very competitive, and it has led unethical jobseekers to magnify their experience while faking their resumes. HireRight Survey finds 88 Percent of Employers have forged their resumes.

In most cases, HR departments perform verification via background checks, compare it with their social media, or check for referrals. These days, it has become very important to be careful to hire the right candidate who is a perfect fit for your organization.



How can employers be sure that resumes are precise?

The information that a resume carries is employment history, educational qualification, training, and more. To check the validation of what the employee has intended, you can conduct an initial phone screening. This will save the time otherwise you would spend bringing people who have not been qualified for Face to Face interviews.

Investing in Employee Background Checks

You have no idea whether the employee has told you the truth or not. Hiring a candidate is an asset to the company. There is an expectation that they’ll continue with the organization for a longer time, delivering great work and spreading positivity.

However, bad hire happens. But with an effective employee background check from Employee Past, you can be at ease, and ensure the potential candidate is the right fit. Most of the professional background check organizations provide a variety of features and services that include:

  • Education Qualification Background Check This ensures that the applicant has completed the school, college, and training as mentioned in their resumes, and the certifications are not fake.

  • Employment Background Check The information and experience about the prior organization is accurate, and they have worked and gained experience from the same.

  • Criminal Background Check This makes sure that the employee has no criminal history and is consistent with what they have claimed on their application materials.

  • Motor Vehicle Record Check It guarantees that the candidate does not have DUI (driving under the influence) and other driving-related incidents that may prove to be a liability at work.

Employee background checks are worthwhile and allow getting a surface-level verification, speeding up the hiring process.

The top ways to find resume fraud:

Spend more time on hiring, and save your time and energy that you would later address the unqualified candidates. Here are a few suggestions that can save you from hiring a fraudulent candidate:

1. Backchannel References

When a candidate fills out the references they will mention the names of the individuals whom they have worked with or are good friends with them, most people don’t get caught here. But a co-worker who is not on the reference sheet will give you a better and honest assessment of their character and work experience.

Reach out for the backchannel references, which typically take a few button clicks.

2. Measure applicant skills objectively

As for the HR team to hire a technical candidate for the position can be difficult. You may not know the difference between a genuine candidate and a fake one, who claims to have all the knowledge and skills and tells they have better technical skills than others.

Testing the candidate's skills can help employers determine how much knowledge and skill they have. Make sure the tests you give are suitable as per the expertise they have claimed.

3. Check LinkedIn for Consistency

LinkedIn is a social media profile that offers a platform for peers to look for jobs, share their skills, experience, and more. Maybe an applicant can lie in their resume, but there are hardly any chances of lying on social media platforms.

Quickly check for the candidate’s name on LinkedIn and reveal all the inconsistencies.

4. Employee Verification Services by EmployeePast

Background verification has become critical to successfully and efficiently hiring an accurate candidate. EmployeePast offers services to verify all the employee details including qualifications, criminal records, family background, work history, and much more. Depending on the complexities of the resume, the results may take around 24 hours.

With employee verification services, you can hire a candidate of high integrity and quality.

The Bottom Line

Remember that mistakes, frauds, and discrepancies happen. Spare your company’s negative effects of resume and applicant fraud with our appropriate background screening. Not only is it tedious for employers to collect information from all the necessary sources, but numerous laws must be followed.

Perform a thorough candidate background with Employee Past and save your time, energy, and heartbreak. Contact us for more details!