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In the era of global data threats, identity thefts takeover, business owners are looking for a trusted way to verify and ensure if the person they are hiring is genuine or not. Regardless of the dedication and efforts of the hiring team, we still fail to hire the right people and result in regretting our decision later. We simply can't get fooled and compromise the future of our organization by hiring candidates with fraudulent data over their resumes. There are many cases we encounter every day where employees mention their past salary a lot more than the actual one, similarly, there are a lot of other things which need to be verified instead of going on their words.

EmployeePast assists you in verifying the employee details in a smarter and automated way, instead of believing in the information mentioned over their resumes. At EmployeePast, we collect the candidate's resumes or any other employment information provided by you and verify the data thoroughly to deliver accurate results. 

Apart from working upon the candidate's current and past work history, we also have a lot more to do.

Other things include analyzing and verifying their salaries, company name, designation, relieving reasons, check whether he/she was officially relieved or fired, reasons of relieving, starting date of the job, relieving date, and a lot more.

Steps we follow at EmployeePast

  • Complete analysis of provided source information
  • Cross-check information received through our advanced tools
  • Compliance with industry guidelines and laws
  • A consistent, auditable process

EmployeePast is an automated and secured platform to assist businesses with efficient employee verification and better results during hiring. Whether a startup or an international brand, we have a vast set of affordable services for all kinds of businesses. So, you can discuss your business requirements with us, and we will suggest to you the best services for your business.

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