It is not rare nowadays that employers come across candidates with forged resumes. With highly rising demands for a job, it is a common practice among the job seekers to falsify the information provided in their resumes to get a job. Though this practice gets them the job sometimes but can prove to be very troublesome for the employer and his organization. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to implement effective measures to identify resumes with false information.

Hiring the wrong candidate can pose a threat to your working environment and may cause your firm to downfall. Also, if you hire the wrong candidate based on the skills and experiences that he claims to have on his resume, then this would be unfair and unjust to the rightly deserving candidates. With advancing technologies and techniques, it is not very difficult to replicate a salary slip or experience certificate. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to imply efficient and smart means for resume verification. A thorough resume verification should verify each and every information provided in the resume from educational details to prior work experiences.

Points To Consider While Verifying a Candidate's Resume

  • Education Verification: While verifying the resume, make sure that you pay attention to every minute detail, starting from the educational credentials. The degrees and certificates should be verified to assure that the candidate is qualified for the job profile. Also, it is important to verify the grades that the candidate claims to have received. This ensures that the candidate has acquired the skills and education mentioned in the resume.

  • Employment Verification: It is one of the most important aspects of resume verification. Most of the candidates tend to lie about their work experiences. It is important to run a background check to verify the organizations where the candidate claims to have worked and also the positions held, work responsibilities, experience held, the reason for resignation, salary and skills acquired by the candidate.

  • Identity Verification: It is an essential part of background screening to authenticate the identity of the candidate before hiring in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience and risk. It ensures that the candidate is an authorized citizen of the country and is not involved with any illegal community.

  • Address Check: You must include address verification in your screening process to avoid any fraudulent activity. Also, it affirms that the candidate is the legal resident of the country.

  • Reference Verification: It is a very common practice among job seekers to provide false reference letters or false referees. Make sure to contact the referees and confirm the reference before hiring the candidate. You can also verify the candidate’s character and personal behavior with the referee.

How Can You Conduct an Efficient Resume Verification?

To make sure that you hire the right candidate for the right profile, it is important to conduct a resume verification of the candidates appearing for the job interview. It ensures that the candidate you hire is capable enough to take the responsibility that you intend to charge him with. Though there are many ways to verify candidates’ resumes but the most efficient one is to implement a robust background verification software into your system. Wondering where would you get an efficient software to run a background check? EmployeePast is the most effective and upgraded software that runs on the latest technologies. It automates the complete process of background screening and saves time and effort. Also, it authenticates the employees details from the most trusted sources. Get in touch with us to get this software for your company.

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