If there is one thing that employers and businesses need to be sure of is that the employee they are hiring is deserving and genuine. Technology has advanced enough to make it possible for employers to verify the information provided by the candidates appearing for interviews. Background verification software helps businesses to run a background check for their employees efficiently. But the areas that your software covers while verifying the candidates' details are to be taken care of.

As an employer, you should precisely consider the factors that should be included in the verification process. There are several areas of verification that can be covered while running the background check. So your verification software must verify important areas like criminal record checks, work history, education, etc. There is a tremendous rise in cases where candidates forge their resumes and claim to have higher qualifications or work experience. With smart verification methods, you can be sure that the candidate has actually achieved all that is mentioned in his resume.

What To Include In Employees' Background Verification Process?

  • Employment History: Most cases of false resumes include enhanced work experience and responsibilities. Candidates very often modify such information in their resumes to pretend to be more deserving of the job. Therefore, your verification software must verify the employment history of the candidate. Employment verification includes verification of work tenure, job titles, job responsibilities, the reason for job termination, and general conduct of the candidate during his stay at the company.
  • Criminal Record Check: One of the major factors to consider while conducting a background verification is to do a criminal record check of the candidate. In this era of fraud, it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that the verification software you choose has reliable ways to fetch the criminal records of the candidate if any. This would keep you, your property, and the employees safe from multiple threats and mishappening. There are incidents where potentially dangerous people or people associated with illegal communities hide these details and apply for job profiles. They can prove to be very dangerous for the company and its employees.
  • Qualification Verification: Another common and unethical practice done by the candidates is forging their qualification details in their resumes. It is very common that candidates to add false certifications in their resumes to pretend to be well-skilled for the job. They even fabricate fake degrees and certificates. Thus, your employee's background check software should be potent to verify the qualification details along with every educational credential, certificate, or degree claimed by the candidate. Your software should be able to run a check on the complete educational information provided by the candidate from early schooling to higher-level degrees.
  • Identity Verification: Verifying the identity of your employees should be your major concern at the time of hiring them. You can not trust anyone these days, no matter how decent they look. Your employee verification software should comprise the means to conduct identity verification. It should be able to verify the candidates' identities from authentic sources. Identity verification confirms the candidates' nationality and citizenship.
  • Family Background Check: You can also include a family background check in your verification process. Verifying the family background builds confidence in you for the employee. Moreover, it confirms the candidate's permanent address and detects whether the candidate has ever been involved in marital fraud or not.
  • Mental & Physical Health: Conducting a health check is an important part of screening, as it indicates whether the candidate is mentally & physically fit for the job or not. It also assures you that the candidate will not be dangerous to the co-workers. Including the medical check ensures that the employee you are hiring will not leave after a short period due to health issues.

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Summing Up

We can conclude by saying that it is important to verify the details of every employee working in your company and is more important to implement effective background check methods to make the right hire. Background verification helps in hiring the most deserving candidate for important positions in the company. Above all, it helps you avoid various risks and threats involved in hiring the wrong candidate. A wrong hire may cause huge damage financially, mentally or physically. EmployeePast is the most reliable and authentic background check software that automates the verification process and yields on-time results. Get in touch with us for more information about the software.