Hiring a new candidate is a big responsibility for the organization and the employer. Analyzing hundreds of resumes for a given position makes it difficult for the recruiters to hire the right candidate. Due to the increase in unemployment, candidates are faking their resumes and offer insufficient information.

Based on the incomplete and insufficient information the employer can not decide whether to hire the candidate or not. But unfortunately, the bad hire happens. So here the best scenario is realizing the mistake and don’t hire the candidate before they can cause real harm to your organization. Either way, the employer has to handle the situation carefully and resolve a difficult scenario while going through the effort of rehiring.

For this reason, the companies look out for the ways to improve their hiring with pre-employment screening services that offers a more valid recruitment process.

Screening Candidates More Efficiently

Yes, it is possible to select the best candidate while improving the quality of hire with the pre-employment background screening services. It is one of the most efficient ways that strengthen your process of recruitment and lets you hire candidates accurately. It allows you to access the candidate based on several features such as skills, personality, integrity, confidence, physical appearance, and others.

Ensure the screening process you carry is legal and well-developed so that you get reliable information to predict the performance of an employee and make the hiring decision based on these criteria.

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Reasons for Inaccurate Screening Reports

From wrong address, names, false qualification, documents, and other data that is unclear is harmful to the organizations. Due to the unemployment caused by the pandemic, the employees do lie on their resumes making the situation arduous for the employers. As per research, 72% of the employers said that background screening covered all the issues of a candidate, that otherwise, they would never have been able to detect.

When a background check is inaccurate, the hiring decision is affected and ultimately that leads to a decrease in productivity. It can be because of two reasons:

False Positive: The screening report revealed an inaccurate report when things were normal.

False Negative: The screening report had nothing to show where there was some record.


How do the Fake Reports Affect Employers?

When employers do not consider employment-based on false-positive reports or any other reason, the action procedure would play a critical role to ensure that the employment decision is accurate. Employers can check with the following steps:

  • Allow a specific period for the applicant to dispute the result.

  • An action notice if the applicant has not disputed the results.

  • A document revealing their rights under the FCRA.

  • An adverse action telling the applicant that their background screening had a negative result.


How does Background Screening help to prevent fake reports?

It is crucial to hire people based on their caliber. A fake and inaccurate candidate can harm the reputation of your organization and the employees already working. Here are a few benefits with due diligence that is offered by a screening of a candidate:

1. Allows Qualification Check: Some candidates fake their degrees and certifications when searching for a job. You could end up hiring someone who is not qualified for the job if pre-employment screening is not done.

2. Keep your workplace safe: It is the responsibility of the organization to safeguard and protect your employees and customers. Background check allows mitigating the risk of hiring a dangerous candidate.

3. Reduces Liability: Now your company can reduce the cost of insurance and other lawsuits by hiring people based on their pre-employment screening.

4. Saves you from bad hire: Hiring the wrong candidate is frustrating as the employer has to go through an entire cycle that costs time and resources. Making this small effort will prevent all these major problems to arise.

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Using pre-employment screening tests in general leaves you with proper information and allows you to fairly hire a candidate with your best interest in mind. EmployeePast offers the best and accurate employment background checks that help employers automate the process of hiring!