Recruiters follow the same hiring process for every candidate. A job is posted, a candidate applies for it and then the interview is conducted. Based on the interview the hiring of the appropriate candidate is hired. Well, the process of hiring hasn’t been changed in years, and conducting an interview has always been a crucial part.

Do you really think Interviews are Waste of Time?

Even the most experienced recruiter can not judge an individual just based on the job interview. Whether the person sitting on the other side of the table is telling the truth or not? You never know. You can talk to a random candidate for a point of time and still decide whether to hire them based on your gut feeling only.

To judge and assess a candidate is subjective, and the hiring is done based on the assumptions of the recruiter or manager. The factors include their mood, bonding with the candidate, physical appearance and can be much more. That is why job interviews are completely a waste of time!

What if there are no interviews?

Recruiters who are burdened with the job interviews, now no longer need to spend their productive time conducting the job interviews. This also reduces the hiring bias and particularly a new approach that says “hire a candidate without a job interview”.

Everyone usually wants to fill in the right spot. Now must be thinking if no interviews then what alternative one must have to ensure you are hiring the right candidate?

Does a Job interview determine future performance?

Job interviews now really have a bad reputation and are believed to be biased. Say for instance if the interviewer is unprepared and asks different questions to the candidates that are based on intuition. And these type of intuitive judgments often leads the recruiters to make the wrong hiring decision.

A job interview does not decide the future of the candidate's performance. So why waste so much time on the worthless interviews? Rather conducting background checks offers more security, trust, and reliability of the candidate.

Background Checks are the Perfect Alternate

Background checks have now become crucial during the process of employment and serve as a perfect alternative to conducting time-consuming and boring job interviews. It is a review of a candidate’s qualification, documents the criminal history, and all other background verification features that notify whether the candidate fits for the job role or not. While some insights you can gather from the client’s resume, but the verification services ensure that the resume is not forged and encompasses all the correct information.

From simple verification to a thorough check of your history an employer can check out all the information including friends and neighbours too. It ensures a safe and perfect hiring decision protecting the employer from a lot of risks. Here they are:

1. Keeps the employees and workplace safe

As per a survey from PBSA nearly 96% of the employers prefer to conduct great background checks. Safety during the uncertainty is of paramount importance, and we all strive to be safe. This increases the transparency between the employee and the employer, satisfies them with the fact that employers are concerned about their safety and continue to build the brand more success.

It also helps put the employees with ease in the workplace which in turn affects their productivity, loyalty, and more engagement.

2. Reduce Losses

Many employers think that conducting background checks are a waste of money as well as time. But just think once the time and money you would be wasting if hire a non-deserving candidate. What if something like the employee had criminal or theft poses? This could be hazardous to the entire organization and poses a potential threat to the bottom line.

3. Avoids Negative Publicity

Before joining any organization, the candidate would check the reviews and if negative reviews are found, they would give a second thought whether to join the organization or not. Bad publicity can damage the reputation of the company.

Based on that most of the deserving candidates would not apply for the job with negative press. So, it’s essential to maintain a good reputation that starts with hiring a positive candidate!

4. Improves the quality hiring

With the background checks, you can uncover all the non-visible factors that aren’t found on the resume. From educational verification to criminal/drug it ensures the candidate is qualified.

Finding an employee with a proper track record improves longevity and helps to get all the quality candidates!

Determining the value of Background screening

This new approach of hiring is a perfect fit that reduces the cost of interviewing a candidate, saving on time, resources and money. As it is quite clear that the face to face interviews don’t work well because there is a bias and truly many even don’t know how to conduct one. Moreover, it becomes difficult to track the employer for the other rounds of interviews creating a mess around.

From identifying the best candidates to maintaining compliance, background check services offer good to go plans, while following the best screening practices. Eliminate the tedious job interview process and let us hire the appropriate candidate for you!