Recruiting the right employees can make your business sink or swim. Thus, it's all in the company's recruiting team's hands. But the notable drifts in the technology over the past ages have a heartfelt impact on the hiring strategies. Today, multiple companies have integrated their hiring or recruiting services with employee screening services.

Being an integral part of the hiring process, employee screening ensures you to get the right candidate as your potential employee. Effective employee screening and reviewing of the job candidates make the recruitment process easier and also saves a lot of time in the times of the bulky interviews. These employee screening and checks also let the HR department and employers get their job done with no plagues.

Why Pre-Screening of Candidates?

Relying completely on resumes and candidate interviews doesn't weigh good in today's competitive world. However, job applicants falsify their true information to get hired and not lose the chance. Therefore, conducting a pre-screening, or pre-employment screening check and verification while hiring will help the HR department and employers to interpret the potential risky instances that may occur after or before hiring a job candidate to your company.

Moreover, a job applicant's pre-screening process in the hiring of applicants can benefit the company and its recruiters to designate the best and well-suited person for the job profile. And also most importantly hire the one who complies with employment laws, no risk of fraud or theft. It will protect your company’s reliability, name, and reputation and mitigate the total costs of recruiting for your company.

Also, as mentioned in the start, that the right employee can either make or break your business, thus it is vital for the recruiters to follow some basic and considerable tips to conduct employee screening.

This blog will reveal some of the most useful tips to conduct employee screening processes so that you hire good employees for your company growth. Let's have a look...

Tips To Note For Screening Job Applicants

1. Job Postings - This one be the initial step to look for the candidate who is following all the directions or requirements asked. By asking for an application, cover letter, and resume, you can lessen a load of candidates from the start. As the ones who are presenting all the three are following all the directions or have the awareness to the asked requirements from your end.

2. Conceive Your Hiring Funnel - Visualize your hiring funnel as a big picture strategy so that you hire the right one. Jot down your screening requirements, narrow down the specifications and then embark. By moving step-by-step, you will end up with the vital and notable screening tests that will save your time and cost of recruiting too.

3. Pre-interviewed or Telephonic Interview - With no hours decided in a conference room, conduct a telephonic interview or a pre-interview to learn about the potential employee. Ask the questions to know how much the candidate knows about your company, and try to ask questions that clear all the doubt rooms regarding their last job and qualification. Also, this will ensure the candidate's confidence and way of presenting in the first attempt.

4. Social Media Analysis - To shed light on potential employees, social media could be a great tool. Social media can reflect a lot about the candidate in terms of what they are and what type of personality they are. Also, this screening will ensure their online professionalism to determine whether the candidate will suit your company culture or not.

5. Analysis of References and Previous Job - This one is the most important part of the employee screening. Checking for the references and previous employers analysis. This will also let you know a lot about the candidate's behavior and loyalty towards the job.

6. Data-driven Approaches - Testing a candidate in the first 5 minutes is not enough. There is a lot more to know about the candidate who will be your employee soon. Though you may like a particular candidate a bit of support when deciding on which applicant to a place in your open position is important. So why not to take the help of the data-driven approaches. By using pre-employment appraisals to measure an applicant’s access to the job and your company will improve your decision making, just follow these steps:

  • Decide what to measure.
  • Be adaptable, especially when beginning with data.
  • Follow the end purpose in mind.
  • Embrace thinking of continuous improvement.

The Final Lines...

Hiring a wrong employee can cost you huge! But with the help of a solid and stiff employee screening process, you will surely hire the good one and who is well-suited to your company. Although errors and mistakes are made to happen but considering the above-mentioned tips and more such considerations, you can conduct a productive and reliable employee screening.

So, if you want to improve your hiring process and productivity, then follow the tips and get to know the complete 360-degree information of your potential employee. Also, to opt for some smart employee screening and verification processes, get in touch with EmployeePast. It is an online background screening solution provider that outdates the traditional way of verifying the candidate details while hiring. So don't wait, drop us a click NOW, and conduct smart screenings!