Let's not ride the roller coaster and face it that yes, falsification of resumes do happen and very often. The old methods of hiring do not apply to the current scenario. Because of the falsification of resumes, enrolling with fake identities, and many more frauds, and these have become very common today.

Since many employers or companies look for the candidates of higher degrees and sometimes, the candidates put wrong information on the resumes to come over the skills and experience requirements of the company. And there comes the need for background and qualification verification process while hiring the candidate. These verification processes and checks prevent companies to select the wrong candidate and save from the loss of employment. When these services are implemented by the companies, the employers get to know about the complete history and information about the applicant's education and previous job.

The qualification verification process enables your company and the hiring department to discover the modern skill level, expertise and work ethics, norms of the possible employee by understanding when and where the job candidate went to school, what degrees they hold, along with any other extra-curricular achievements. It is very often for job candidates to prevail on their resumes in the hope of getting selected and in the fear of getting rejected.

Whether you own a small, mid-sized or well-established business, some sort of educational checks are important to conduct. These educational checks climb from the lowest level certificate to higher-level degrees. Although, there should be a trustworthy bond between the employee and the employer, it is important to legally check the educational claim. The employer gets cleared with these verification checks about the candidate's earned degrees and diplomas. Also, it reveals the candidate's honesty and integrity. Before moving ahead to know the role and benefits of the qualification verification services, we need to learn what is the pre-verification process.

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Pre-verification Process

To screen out the candidates who have exaggerated their qualifications by themselves, employers assess a candidate's educational background. There are many cases when candidates put false information and cover the gap after the last job. And to protect the company against such frauds, scams of a verified degree from illegal institutions, the pre-verification process takes place. Such check processes are done through immediate communication with the schools or institutions. Also, these processes can be done through the third party which is then the pre-screening companies.

The applicants give their information to such agencies and then these services check their information that has been put on resumes by the candidates concerning their actual one. These agencies often have their secure online site. And the employers who have access to these agencies and their portals verify the candidate's qualification or educational background from those portals.

The Need Of Qualification Checks & Verification Services

By conducting such pre-screening checks and verifying the employee's educational history, employers can spot job-seekers with the skills they weren’t expecting. Such actions can save them from a lot of headaches. And, it is always enough to have an employee who has the vision and potential to develop within the organization as compared to the one who has limited potential plus no vision for growth.

Here are some more benefits that will make you clear why these verification checks are important:

  1. Good command over career data - Human errors are so natural and can occur anytime. Similarly, when you are conducting the employee hiring process, there sometimes the falsification of resumes and false information of the candidate can be recorded. But with the help of background verification checks, such errors can be easily detected.
  2. Detect positive and negative traits - With the help of these verification processes, both the positive and negative traits of the candidate can be tested. It makes the employer to easily select and hire a suitable and honest employee for their company.
  3. Protects from negligent hiring claims - The verification checks also liable to expose the candidate's behavioral history. It makes the company safe from the dangerous behavior of the candidate that can hurt the company's reputation and co-workers as well.
  4. Ensure the company's requirements - By conducting the qualification verification process, the employer can come to know about the required and enough qualifications, degrees, skills, and expertise that the candidate holds. And, based on the reports of the verification checks, the employer makes a decision.
  5. Improves the hiring process by detecting fake resumes - As discussed above, in the hope of getting selected, sometimes the candidates who don't have the required experience, skills, and qualifications add fake information on their resumes. And this is not good for both the employer and employee in the coming terms. Hence, the verification process ensures and help the HR department to choose the honest one.

Summing Up

In the end, it can be concluded as the verification process is very important to conduct in all-sized business while hiring the new employees. As it is very clear, that you can never be too careful. And, the companies also can't compromise with their hiring sessions. Hence, it is clear that if you want to make the hiring process easier and with no frauds and scams, you need to hook-up with the best qualification verification services. So now, if you have decided to conduct such verification process in your company, then get in touch with EmployeePast. Here, you will get the best background screening solutions to streamline your hiring process and to overcome false resumes and enrolling with fake identities. Don't wait, visit us TODAY!