There are some cases that happen when a notable number of job candidates distort information on their CVs or resumes. And surprisingly, they still get a job! But, how? How is that possible? And we all know that this can be turned into a great threat in the future. So what to do? Nothing to worry about anything, as we live in the era of digitalization. Today, everything can be transparent in front of us, either any false news or that can be an artificial resume with a fake identity.

Here comes the role of employment verification services. These services include a process where employers verify a possible employee’s work record. This process can help to get assured that the applicant’s indexed work experience is true and sufficient. Also, these services can verify and reveal the reasons why a candidate left his/her last job. This complete background check and verification process help the employer and HR department to scrutinize that a job applicant is suitable or not, having a true identity and resume or not. This improves hiring management and gives your company an honest and deserving employee.

Conducting Of Employee Verification?

This process allows the employer to compare and check whatever that has been written in the candidate's resume with the original information recorded by a background screening tool. It includes:

  • Job start and end dates
  • Titles held
  • Salary
  • Job duties
  • The reason for termination (in some states) and hiring qualifications.

Now, the conduction process has some steps to be followed, note these down very thoroughly and carefully. Initially, employers need to take approval from the applicant before going through the employment verification process. If they deny for the process, then they can show their other original documents to prove their employment.

After that, the process includes the verification of criminal records, credit records, family background, and the history of the candidate in the previous company (If required).

Some candidates may have breaks in their employment records for a variety of reasons. And, they try to fill these gaps or may not want to reveal these gaps while their hiring by extending their previous job’s start and end dates. Hence, to catch all such activities and false information given by the candidate, the verification processes come to happen.

Why Employee Verification Services Is Important For Companies?

So let's plunge into more benefits of the employee verification services:

1. Make you know about the original resume information:

Many companies and their HR departments hire the candidate depending on the information mentioned in the resume. And if in case, the information is wrong, then the company will face a major issue. Therefore, an employee verification services get actual resume information.

2. It gets you to access to unknown information:

Sometimes, the candidates get hesitate when they are asked to share the details about their former employer. Also, don't share the complete information which is true in the fear of getting rejected. But the companies need to know about the complete information of the employee, thus the verification services do all these checks and provide you with overall transparency.

3. It is cost-effective:

Many companies can't afford the resources, software, and also time to check the employee backgrounds of every single candidate. Therefore, employee verification services bring accurate information about the employee and its previous records.

4. It helps to make better decisions:

Recruiting sessions are one of the most tedious ones for every company. And due to the pressure and bulky hiring, sometimes companies end-up hiring the wrong candidate or the one who is not enough qualified. At such times, the verification services or background checks help the HR department and the employer to make the right decisions by improving their hiring process.

5. It reduces employee theft:

The employee verification services are one of the smartest moves to overcome the threats. There are many confidential piece of information for every company which has limited access to some employees. But sometimes, this confidential information can be misused. Therefore, the background checks and verification services ensure the complete information of the employee you hire, about their previous such records plus of the existing employees too.

6. Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws:

For any recruiting team or HR department, one of the biggest fear is what if the employee they are hiring turn on the company and file suit in the future. Thus, to get out of such fears, the companies must be coupled up with employee verification services. These services and background checks protect your company from the losses of many multi-million dollar claims.

The Closure

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above-mentioned reasons are the prominent ones that have made it mandatory for the companies to adopt employee verification services and background check processes. These services provide authentic data if each employee required by the company to defeat the threats. And if you are searching for such services and background check tools, then your search is over. As we are offering our best EmployeePast employee background screening check services so that you hire the best and honest one. Don't wait, approach us TODAY!