Identity Verification

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Identity fraud cases account for 77% out of all the fraud cases that happen. It is becoming difficult for today’s businesses to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent candidates.

The instances of fraud cases are growing rapidly, and it is becoming essential to get some identity verification services for your business. Simply because hiring the wrong candidate can cost you money, resources, and security with long-term consequences. Getting identity verification services helps in cross-checking the documents and information provided by a candidate. It helps in identifying the true identity of a candidate.

EmployeePast assists businesses by offering accurate identity verification services. We offer an approach that easily integrates with existing processes and helps you focus on your business objectives. Our advanced tools verify a candidate's identity by checking the ID documents. We allow all-sized businesses to establish the genuine identity of the candidates and get instant information in real-time. We follow smart methodologies that instantly detect digital manipulations of genuine ID images, candidate's personal information, and face photo replacements. 

Key Benefits:

  • Identify fake IDs
  • Simplify customer onboarding
  • Mitigate risks
  • Drive customer acquisition
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Meet compliance mandates
  • Automating manual process
  • 100% accurate and verified data

We value our customers and their time. We implement the right strategy to verify documents and offer instant results to the customers without any delays. We collect the data from you, analyze and verify it, and then prepare the final report. In case the data comes out to be fraud, we notify you immediately that can help you in avoiding wrong hires. Our team of experts ensures that they work dedicatedly to offer verified results before presenting them to you.

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