In today's time, it is very important to maintain and be particular about every person you come in contact with. Whether it is a small business or a large organization it needs to know each candidate that interviews with them and is set to join them. We live in a world where Identity Fraud and Identity Theft are common. If candidates that are coming to your organization is from one of the above categories, their actions can destroy the company's reputation and also cause danger to the existing employees.

Therefore, service providers in the IT industry have thought of verifying the identities of people through the latest technology. This is done to avoid a greater mishap in the peaceful working environment of the company. The services thus provided are capable of identifying a mole in the documentation of the candidate and can give you a fake threat way before you hire or settle with the person.

Best Practices for Identity Verification Online

  • Knowledge-based Authentication - KBA is the key process that involves real-time questioning. For instance, there is some shady thing that comes to your knowledge as an employer. The company will then confront the candidate based on the insights you have received from a reference list or the like. This authentication involves noting the behavior and psychological responses in real-time.
  • Two-factor Authentication - Here the candidate or the person in question of identity is required to give a token in case he/she is a coder or in general terms an OTP or the like for the identification verification of the person. In case you use an online account provided by the candidate there is always a security question to verify the identity. That is a Two-factor verification; assurance and re-assurance.
  • Online Verification - Online verification refers to the biometric used to verify a person's identity. A fingerprint, retina, computer vision and human review are parts of online identity verification. The service providers also have access to the data from social media channels and public identification files that are initiated to identify a person.
  • Artificial Intelligence - In today's time anyone can tame anyone and so we need a deep check ensuring the identity of a person. Many AI-driven solutions scan documents and Photos of candidates to find out if any fraudulent. It also tracks all online and offline data that is available at the exposure of the software.
  • Database Methods - All identity databases whether online or offline, public or private, provided or not provided by the candidate can be checked manually and online to identify fake identities. The service providers automate the process to extract error-free, 100% verified data.

Key Benefits of Identity Verification Services:

  1. Identify fake IDs - The automated process used by EmployeePast helps identify fake IDs provided by the candidates that have come for the interview in your company.
  2. Simplify candidate/client onboarding - By taking care of the whole process of Identity Verification, the candidate/client onboarding will become simplified and the company will continue ensuring a happy and long-term relationship.
  3. Mitigate risks - The service providers of Identity Verification minimizes the overall risk of getting in bed with the client or a candidate. With complete checks, the service providers ensure to mitigate risk.
  4. Secure Data Storage - While the candidate or the client is all positive, the company needs to maintain records and identities in safe hands. Identity Verification service providers secure all data that belongs to your company.
  5. Meet compliance mandates - EmployeePast meets all compliance mandates to become a trustworthy service provider.
  6. Drive customer acquisition - EmployeePast delivers accurate to drive customer acquisition and not burning a hole into it.
  7. Automating manual process - The service providers are a technology-based company and delivers each process using the latest technology to minimize errors.
  8. 100% accurate and verified data - The Data thus provided for identity verification come from trusted sources and is 100% accurate.


Many people have a negative side and the private company chooses to ignore it by looking at all odds of the situation. Whereas, the government agency will directly suspend the person with more than 48 hours in jail. The above-mentioned practices are the best ways to identify a candidate and verify their existence in the whole wide world. EmployeePast will help you identify the mole in the documentation of the candidate, hence, saving the organization from further risks to which the company is exposed.