Knowing the background of your employees is as essential as knowing their skills and potential. In this world full of uncertainties, the last thing you would want is to hire an undeserving candidate for your company. Resume falsification is very common among job seekers nowadays. Applicants tend to lie about their work experience and modify their job roles to seem more appropriate for the position they are applying for. Employers usually believe false information provided on the resume or job application and fall prey to the trap. Such candidates can prove to be lethal for the work structure. Their incapabilities might hinder the overall growth of the organization.

It is your responsibility as the employer to implement effective measures for hiring the right employee. Many companies conduct an employment history or work history verification of the applicants before hiring them to ensure the authenticity of their work tenure. Not many employers realize that it is an essential part of the background verification process. An employee's experience and exposure play a very important role in nurturing his career. Many companies prefer experience to qualification. Therefore, you must make sure that the candidate has worked in the firms mentioned in his resume.

Importance of Employment History Verification

  • Work Experience: Through the employment history check, you can verify the work experience of the candidate. It helps you know whether the applicant was employed at the listed firms in his resume or not. Also, it justifies the total work experience held by the employees. Many candidates forge their work experience to get a better salary package. Conducting an employment history check lets you know the complete details of the candidates' past work experiences.
  • Job Title Held: It has become very common among jobseekers to modify the job profiles or job titles held by them in their previous organizations. Since the profile on which the candidate has worked, determines the area of specialization of the candidate, you must know the exact titles or job role that was carried by the candidate. By conducting the work history verification, you can confidently assign an important job profile to the candidate.
  • Job Responsibilities: Through employment verification, you can know the exact job responsibilities carried out by the candidate during his work tenure in the previous firms. Most of the applicants find it easy to stretch their work responsibilities. Make sure, while running a background check, you pay considerable attention to the work areas and responsibilities of the candidate. Also, you must focus on the job responsibilities of the applicant at every organization he has worked with.
  • Work Tenure: It is important to know the work tenure of the candidates at each company, as it reflects their reliability. An employment history check enables you to know the accurate time that the applicant has invested in his previous organizations. The candidate who does not switch companies very frequently will work for you for a long time than the one who makes frequent switches.
  • Reason For Resignation: Not every candidate tells you the exact reason for leaving the previous firm but as an entrepreneur, you should know why the candidate is making the switch. Employment verification allows you to know whether the candidate resigned from his previous job or was terminated. Also, it helps you know the overall conduct of the employee with his previous employers.

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Know Your Employees Better With Employment History Verification

Employment history verification helps you know your employees better and makes you confident about them. The manual employment verification process can take a long time and might not yield accurate results, therefore many firms are adopting digital ways of verification. If you are looking for an efficient tool that can automate the process of employees' background verification, then EmployeePast is the most effective and reliable software that you can use. It conducts digital verification and yields accurate and on-time results. Contact us to get more details.