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Beware!! Every Candidate that seems Right for your Company Might not be the Right One

As every sector of our commercial industry is evolving at a fast pace, the threats to it have increased in the same proportion. You can no longer rely on everyone, nor can you trust everyone's words without doing a confirmation check. We come across headlines stating malicious activities around the world through newspapers or news channels almost every day. Cases like fraud employees in banks, corporate employees harassing co-workers or an employee indulging in serious violence on the premises have become very prominent nowadays. Considering such high rates of mal-incidents,

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How Technology is Transforming Background Screening?

In today's advanced digital world, we simply can't trust anybody and rely on their words. People have fake identities these days and it becomes very difficult to judge what is their real identity. Carrying out employee's background screening has become the real need of the hour. We daily hear the news about banks getting scammed with fake employees and a lot of harassment issues are being noticed these days, there seems an alarming need to ca...

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Is Background Check an Important Part of Hiring?

Being an HR, what is your job responsibility while you are hiring candidates for a particular post? Preparing a thorough job description (JD), posting the vacancy on various job portals, filtering the suitable candidates, scheduling interviews, and finally onboarding the candidates. These all steps are included in an ideal hiring strategy. Right? But is that it? If yes, you are missing out on something major. Want to know what you left? Background check! Never heard about a background check? No worries! Let us get a quick overview of what is a background check and why it...

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