Do you wonder what all are included in a background check? Why do employers need the background details of the employee? Well, read the blog carefully to find out!

As per a survey, 95% of employers conduct background screening for new joiners during the hiring process. As the number of forged cases by the employees rises, the hiring department fears to interview candidates without a background check. And if your organization is hiring without a check on an employee, you are doing it wrong!

What is Employee Background Check?

As the name suggests, a background check is performing a detailed check of employee information including resume, qualification documents, criminal records, family background, identity verification, and financial records to make sure you hire the right candidate.

Carrying a detailed check could potentially reveal if any red flags affect the safety, trust, and company’s bottom line.

But if you take it gently and take a poor hiring decision then as a result, it could cost much to your company and its reputation. A bad hire could result in the wastage of resources, training, money, and time decreases in the morale of the employees, and ultimately a decrease in productivity.

What Information Does a Background Check Include?

According to the latest survey, 54% of responding employers around the globe are finding discrepancies in their candidates’ employment histories. The most common kind of checks includes criminal, previous employment, or credit history. Nowadays, checking for drug and alcohol use has also become common.

Before the employer verifies your details, they must verify in writing to get the tests done. Here are the details that employees can check on:

1. Criminal History

93% of the employees prefer to conduct criminal verification in the pre-hiring screening process, which can be from regional or local authorities. A criminal history can be a warning sign that determines the ability of the candidate and how can it impact their job performance.

For organizations, a clean record is of utmost importance and the jobs would deny considering an employee with major offenses related to addiction, mental health issues, cybercrime, and more. Criminal history is a sensitive matter and needs to be handled carefully!

A criminal background check may include the following record searches:

  • National Criminal Database

  • Federal and State Criminal Records

  • Sex Offender Registries

2. Alcohol and Drug Use

Many employers only offer the job letter to the candidate after clearing the alcohol and drug test. For employment there are many types of drugs and alcohol tests and candidates must be contingent on passing these tests. The result of the drug and screening test impacts the hiring decision of the candidate. Prescribed medications count as well. It's not mandatory to disclose your complete medical history, but you may need to provide a prescription for the medicines.

3. Qualification and Documents Checks

Professional documents or educational verification checks possess that the documents claimed by the candidate are correct and appropriate. This is a vital step that helps the employer from taking the wrong hiring decision.

Certain industries rely on professionals like EmployeePast to ensure that people working in that industry have the experience, knowledge, and credentials required to perform the job.

4. Identity and Driving Record

Identity helps you to verify and know whether you have a valid ID proof with the appropriate name and ID number on it. Detailed information is taken out from various sources. Also, if you have a couple of violations on your driving history it should not be a warning sign though. 

5. Family Background Check

Verifying all the details is vital, but if you skip the family background details, you might be in trouble. You need to assure the relationship the person claims is true or not. 

Worried About Whom to Trust for Background Checks?

EmployeePast, helps employers to hire the right candidate by conducting background checks with drug testing, criminal record, education verification, and much more. Hiring departments can tailor EmployeePast screening solutions to their unique needs, giving them peace about taking the right hiring decision.

A well-organized background screening can make a lot of difference for both the employees and employers- and the customers they serve!