There is no second thought that social media has changed the way businesses operate. Whatever you post on social media could have a serious effect on your professional life. As per research by GlassDoor 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search. A potential employer can gain a vast amount of information for the job applicant through Social media that includes:

  • Verify previous employment, education, address, and more.

  • Information regarding family

  • Endorsement of professional skills.

Because a personal social media profile says a lot about the employee, it is surely a good chance to view and get a glimpse that could highlight the personality beyond the resume and makes the employer sure that they hire the right candidate.

Social media profiles you can check

Social media is basically a community where the user has the freedom to share ideas, thoughts, information, videos, images, and more. Social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube are quite popular and allows easy communication with one another.

Sites such as LinkedIn has all the professionals and is highly preferred as it contains all the information regarding employment, education, awards and achievements, and other professional life experience. Therefore, it provides you enough data to choose from several tools to aggregate it, sort it, integrate it, and build relationships with it.

Should Social Media profile affect your hiring decision?

As the employer mostly possesses the limited information that the candidate provides on the resume, therefore social media has proved to be a boon and yes, it does affect the hiring decision. Social media does not only offer background checks but also is a great platform for job seekers. It streamlines the process of job hunting as the employer can use filters to select candidates as per the niche.

How good is the idea of Hiring through Social Media?

As the marketing plan enhances and the recruiters compete to hire the top talents, social media has widely been acquired and used by the talent management acquisition. Almost 90% of the recruiters are using social media in their recruiting process. Here are a few of the benefits of using social media as a part of your recruitment:

1. It offers Quality Candidates

Most of the users on Social Media are genuine and tech-savvy, and it offers a fundamental platform for them in today’s job market. The tech-savvy users have more knowledge about the latest business trends, opportunities, and skills that they bring to the table.

Also, there are more chances that the employee would be more productive and stay longer at your company if you are hiring through social media platforms rather than other hiring platforms.

2. Reduces Hire Cost

Recruiting staff through 3rd party sites could be a costly affair. Without a second thought, recruitment costs via social media are quite lower than the traditional methods. A simple Facebook ad can get you over two times more visibility than the traditional recruitment methods like classified ads and other job posting sites.

3. Offers More Engagement

As interested individuals seek out more information regarding the job opportunity, your social media page gets more engagement. All these things keep your page active and allow a good engagement. Some interested people will post on the comments section, others will share with their friends and followers, while others will send you a direct message to your inbox.

4. Allows Screening Candidate

It is now no secret that most employers use social media for an in-depth understanding of the profile of the employee. Social networking offers a much detailed and deep view of whom you are hiring. From insights to images, posts, and videos you get a clear picture of a person’s personality that allows them to figure out their ambitions and set up expectations once you hire them.

Downsides of Hiring only Through Social Media

1. It might not be relevant to the job

Social media might give a wrong perception of the employee. So even if you share some crazy pictures of a night party, it doesn’t mean they are less dedicated to their work. And it would be unfair that an employee's personal traits could affect their professional lives and work.

2. Inaccurate or Out-dated Information

Many of the social media profiles aren’t being updated timely. Not everyone is a social media geek and the accounts may be years old-I still remember what a common norm it was to modify our friend's details on social media and prank them.

3. Compliance Issues

Recruitment is the tendency for biases to arise. Unknowingly, an employer can be biased toward people with good social media presence and updated profiles, as compared to people who are not as active online.

Why consider EmployeePast for Background Screening?

Although social media is a trend, it goes both ways and has its own pros and cons. But with the Background Screening services, you can hire upstanding people with no chances of making a bad hire. It helps to reveal all the details of the person with specific information about prior employment, education, criminal records, and more. Let’s explore some of the more benefits that background screening offers:

1. Verifies the Qualification

Background verification services allow organizations to allow you to hire qualified and appropriate candidates. Some people manipulate their work history or education while they are searching for a job.

2. Character and Criminal Check

It’s vital to ensure that your company only hires high-character people by verifying an applicant’s background details and criminal verification details.

3. Keep workspace healthy and safe

It saves you from hiring any dangerous or nasty individuals. Therefore, it keeps your current employees, customers, and company safe as this whole goes without saying.

4. Avoid Bad Hires

Making this small effort to conduct a background screening before hiring helps you prevent the decision of bad hire. It saves your organization from hiring wrong.

Considering all the factors you have to be thorough enough for your employment screening and hire the best organization. Partnering with a background check provider is one of the keys to a successful and efficient business.

EmployeePast is a background check provider that adheres to all the rules and regulations providing the appropriate results with speed and accuracy. Needless to say, it is the best approach for you!