One of the most common lie that a candidate tells is about their educational background and achievements. Can you believe that 27% of the job applications and resumes are exaggerated about their achievements or else contains the wrong information? It has become difficult to get away with untrue credentials when applying for a job. Therefore to safeguard your company’s and employee's reputation hiring smart is crucial.

Yes, education verification is one of the vital and valuable tools that help in hiring. Itconfirms whether the candidate truly has earned the certifications and degrees that are mentioned on the resumes. Also it possibly reveal all the information about honesty and integrity.

 What is the purpose of Education Verification?

The sole purpose of education verification is to validate whether the academic records claimed by the applicant is true and helps to secure the position for the truly aspiring candidate. Each year thousands of candidates (approximately 10%) forge their documents and misrepresent their education in a variety of ways.

Not only it helps to confirm the academic records but, also the accreditation is confirmed. The employer gets to secure the most rewarding and deserving position for the candidates. It, therefore, confirms the integrity of the candidate. Many fake and unapproved institutions offer school certificates, degrees, and much more. There has been an increased number of such cases therefore, it is vital to check the education documents verification.

Importance of Documents Verification

Verification of educational documents is the basic procedure overlooked by business organizations. Most of the employee's degrees are falsified with a ratio of 25% to 33% in most situations. In a world where there is a constant struggle and battle and is more pertinent not to sweep valuable details under a roof.

1. Elimination of candidates with unethical educational background

Performing a background check offers the employer the opportunities that help them verify the information the candidate has provided while confirming dates of attendance, degrees, and certifications earned by the candidate about the previous education and employment.

All these reports promote a safe working environment that is proven to be profitable and reduces the odds of a bad hire. The bottom line is that the history of an employee is a crucial step to predict their future behavior and lets you take the informed decision.

2. Serves as a Premium tool choosing Qualified Candidate

A single mistake of hiring a wrong candidate simply means destroying your relationship with the clients because, if the employee does not know then things might get messed up and, there are chances that you lose your project due to the lack of qualification.

The client could get extremely angry, may even demand compensation, or may threaten you by a lawsuit destroying the reputation of your organization.

3. Unanswered call by the Schools/ Universities

While carrying out the manual checks manually, one may think to verify by calling the universities or colleges that is the simplest way to verify a degree or diploma. But the bitter truth is these organizations rarely have time to answer these phone calls, also the hours might not coincide leading to the unavailability of the HR department.

If you aren’t getting the answers for the first time, no one cares to call again and again and take the necessary follow-ups.

How Far Does the Education Background Checks Go?

As the education background services involve checking all the official records, there is no time limit to which the background can go. It covers all the screening whether it is schooling, university, or post-degrees and credential claims.

If an applicant has reported that they have already graduated when even they have not, the background screening should still be able to confirm the major dates, attendance, and much more.

What all is needed to verify the Education Credentials?

  • Full name of the candidate as per the university or college

  • Complete address of the college, university, or schools.

  • Dates and Years of Graduation.

  • Names of the degrees acquired by the candidate.

While considering all these questions, it's crucial to use an outside expert for the verification of your education documents. EmployeePast offers background verification services assuring that the process is complete and compliant. Not only it helps to spot the fake degrees but also offers the red flags that might indicate a degree is less authentic.

Verify education, and land reliable candidates to your organization making EmployeePast a part of your hiring process!