There are many things and factors that need to be considered before you choose a background screening vendor for your services. The laws that govern background checks are constantly shifting, the candidates are highly misrepresenting themselves. Therefore, selecting the right vendor for your background screening adds great weight.

Why employers need Background Check services?

For a successful organization and work culture, background checks are essential. You invite a candidate for a job interview, conduct an interview, and you think you have hired the perfect candidate.

Why not conduct a background check? According to SHRM (Society of human resource management), if a candidate looks perfect on a resume, the hiring team must worry. To stand out, a candidate may lie or exaggerate their resumes.

Did you know:

  • 23% of the candidates were caught to admit faking their resumes to attain that position. 

  • 85% of the employers caught the candidates lying about their resumes. 


Finding the right professional Background Check company

Make a Wish List for Your Perfect Background Screening Vendor Relationship. Here is a complete guide to choosing the right vendor for your background screening. The questions include:

1. How much does it cost?

The cost has always been the most crucial factor, regardless of the services or vendors you are looking for. Make sure the services offered are of high quality, and you remain within your budget as well. Don’t ever go for low cost, low cost means low-quality services. Check out their methods of screening, and their potential clients whom they have offered the services while remaining within your budget.

2. Is there any implementation fee?

There are many fake organizations in the market that might charge an additional fee claiming to offer screening services for employees. Be aware of such organizations and make sure they are not charging any additional or implementation fees. Make sure the vendor maintains complete transparency and there should not be any hidden charges involved.

If they add, ask them questions about the same. Also, have detailed information about the actual cost the vendor charges. 

3. Does the vendor have global capabilities?

There may be a possibility that the candidate is working in some other country, and completed studies in some other. In this case, the vendor should have a global capability that allows them to cover all the parts of the world where ever needed. Make sure they have local expertise supporting in all the areas so that they could quickly update the candidate report and ensure the details provided are absolute. Also, make sure that the vendor has multilingual capabilities.

4. How fast is the turnaround?

Turnaround time refers to the time it takes to receive results after you submit a background check request. It is at the top of the list when you evaluate the screening vendors. With the advancements in technology, every organization should be able to quote the results in an average of three days. If the vendor takes too long to offer the report of the candidate, then probably they are not using the right technology to deliver accurate results and background reports.

The best screening vendors would surely be able to offer timely results without even sacrificing the quality of reports generated.

5. How does the support structure function?

No matter how perfect a vendor is, you would need assistance from the vendor at a point in time. Make sure there are several platforms and communication channels to reach the vendor. Also, make sure you determine beforehand what kind of support you may need, and ask your vendor if they will be able to meet your expectations promptly.

6. How connected the vendor is?

Top service providers have an established integration and collaboration with information sources that allow you to get more effectively sourced information more efficiently.

Here is the well-known service provider in the industry

Hopefully, these questions would help to hire the appropriate candidate and make the entire process of screening streamlined. Are you looking for a background screening vendor for the perfect screening results? 

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Hopefully, we provided some useful information that will help you find the background service provider of your dreams.