Are you planning to open job vacancies to hire potential candidates for your company? Of course, you must be looking forward to hiring the right talent that contributes effectively toward the growth of the organization. But in today’s market, the list of aggressive jobseekers is long enough that it might go against your current hiring strategies. It, therefore, becomes important to hire an employee only after validating every single detail about the candidate.

For the perfect background verification, you can rely on third-party background verification companies that help in maintaining your business reputation. These service providers assist you in doing proper verification and offer software that helps you in keeping a record of every single piece of information.

Here are the two ways the companies employ verification. Pre-hiring verification is done before the hiring of the candidate while post-hiring verification is done to verify further facts about the candidate/employee.

Pre-Employment Verification

Most candidates manipulate their resume to add information that goes with the specific job requirement. The candidate generally changes the information like:

  • Exaggregated job credentials
  • False dates or job experience
  • Made up reasons for leaving past jobs
  • Unreliable recommendation letter
  • Fake qualification data

Why Pre-Employment Verification?

The verification process ensures the reliability of the job applicant's resume. The company employs field officers who are assigned the job of certifying the details mentioned in the candidates’ resumes. The process covers everything from education, employment history, criminal record, experiences, etc. Other related documents and statements made for justifying the reason for leaving past jobs are also validated.

Pre-employment verification offers the following benefits:

  • Make the hiring process less tedious
  • Help in making an accurate decision
  • Saves a lot of time and cost
  • Help in acquiring more talented employees.

Post-Hiring Verification

After hiring a new employee on board, the next verification process begins. Since the employee is new to the company, it is important to ensure that he or she does not cause any threat to the company’s reputation. The employee if hired for a higher job position might cause harm to the company by:

  • Manipulating database
  • Leak plans
  • Can do fraud by grabbing information from confidential files.
  • Might harm the company’s reputation

Why Post-Hiring Verification?

The post-hiring verification helps in keeping track of all the activities of employees during their tenure in the company. In this, the company undergoes a timely evaluation of the employee to make sure that the employee is not causing any threat to the organization.

Importance of post-hiring verification

  • Prevents misuse of confidential information
  • Avoids unnecessary costs
  • Prevents copyright violations
  • Guards the company’s reputation
  • Prevent internal frauds

Both Pre/Post Employment Verifications are vital to avoid ending up with a bunch of misfit employees eventually ruining the business. However, Pre-Employment Verification is an inevitable plus of smart business as it does justice to, “prevention is better than cure”. When you hire a reliable candidate with an honest resume it's most likely you have attained a valuable asset for your company. It not only maintains integrity, but also shows how ethical and well-organized your business is, and who wouldn’t want to work with a business of such reputation.


Both pre and post-verification services are important to avoid any threat to the company’s reputation and image. Hiring the right talent with an honest resume help in attaining valuable asset for the company. Also, it maintains integrity and keeps up your business in a well-organized manner.

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