EmployeePast, the most trustworthy Background Check Service provider, has received a total funding of $1M from the CEO of OZVID TechnologiesMonika Panjeta.

Our vision is to empower businesses worldwide by helping them hire the safe and right candidates for their organization in the fastest and most cost-effective way. We expect the market to grow exponentially and believe that EmployeePast is the need of the hour in every business. The massive growth in the economy has made it necessary for businesses to hire the right talent to survive in the highly competitive market. Considering all the scenarios that possibly can go wrong during any hiring process, EmployeePast provides Background Check services that empower many businesses to grow.

We have an advanced employability score system. The scoring system has made it easy for businesses to judge new hires based on their real skills. We have established ourselves as the most trustworthy service provider in the Background Check Market. And till now, we have succeeded in serving businesses globally and helped them onboard the right candidate for the jobs. We keep our facts straight and constantly keep our eyes on the loopholes in the Background Check Market. After finding the loopholes and gaps in the market, we try to fill them with the help of our most creative and innovative technical minds.

Furthermore, we are expecting to grow by 10 times in a year.

We strongly believe that the quality of your employees determines the number of your salesAnd attaining and retaining customers is in the hands of your employees more than it is in yours. So hiring right is today’s need. But we have realized that most companies skip background checks because of their costs. So, we have developed Background Check Services that are not only fast and safe but are also cost-effective.

Using EmployeePast’s Background Check Services helps you reduce the risk of hiring wrong, and it in turn boosts customers’ trust in your brand. That will directly enhance the brand's reputation.

Finally, all we can say is that the future of your business is in your hands as you decide who you will hire. So choose EmployeePast and expand your business globally.

For more details about EmployeePast Background Verification, you can visit the website here.