As per a Career Builder report, around 75% of the hiring manager survey says that candidates may lie in their resumes. Hiring such candidates can prove to be a liability for the organization. No matter you are a startup or an established company, hiring the right candidate promotes safety and leads to the company's growth.

Yes, background verification check at regular intervals helps safeguard your company and ensure your workforce remains productive. And for business owners, maintaining a safe workspace is the topmost priority.

Employers are finding employment checks worth their time and receiving value in the results they get. Therefore, background checks continue to be a growing trend!

Background Verification-becoming a growing trend

According to a study from PBSA and, 94% of employers conduct background screening, and 73% have a documented procedure policy. It includes criminal records, employment history, education verification, social media check, and more.

Businesses now prefer to take preventive measures rather than face the circumstances after hiring the candidates. To keep fraudulent candidates away, background screening companies like EmployeePast help to screen the candidate.

Reasons to choose Background checks and promote safety

1. It safeguards the company's assets

With a thorough background check performed, you know who you are hiring, and it ensures the safety of your company’s assets. A company is because of its employees, and its reputation depends on the employees working. A wrong candidate can preferably destroy your company’s reputation. A background check prevents you from hiring such a candidate.

Tata Motors considers background checks as an investment that safeguards your company assets, promotes safety at the workplace, and reduces turnover, allowing you to hire right.

2. Enhances quality of hire

With background checks, you can offer information about their past, employment, performance, the reason for leaving, and know whether the candidate is trustworthy. This sets you free from stress and allows you to hire trustworthy candidates. Several factors need to be considered while hiring, and you can make informed decisions with background checks.

3. Risk of Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiring can cause a lot of harm to your organization. A candidate may lie in their resumes-can be wrong to work experience, forged documents, criminal history, and more. But with the background check in place, it ensures a safe work environment and prevents any incidents that may affect a company’s credibility.

4. Safeguards other employees

The employees already working in the organization are valuable assets and well-known for their culture. It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure employees' safety. A company is known by its people, and hiring the wrong candidate can be a risk for your employees.

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A background check provides the employer with a complete picture and detailed information. It helps organizations maintain credibility and good employee relation. If you are looking for the best background verification company that helps you filter fraud candidates, EmployeePast is here for you.