The hiring team nowadays faces a lot of fraudulent activities and chargebacks that made organizations focus on a robust mechanism to verify the individuals. For authentic and genuine onboarding, an employee background check has become vital. It ensures you are hiring the right candidate and your organization is safe from different fraudulent activities.

One such verification involves address verification, which has gained popularity over time, and there are many reasons behind it. Address verification has become the need for organizations that keep their business safe.

An address is the foremost part of the identity, and if the candidate fakes the address, they are probably faking their identity. 

Considering all these facts, let us dig deeper and find out how the address verification serves employees the best.

What is address verification?

Address verification means verifying the candidate’s location, and for the companies hiring an employee, address verification is a must that confirms the address details as genuine. These are the crucial component that attests to the person’s identity.

When an employee joins your organization, their job role may be different, and access to sensitive information, company account details, or finances. Therefore, the organization must hire a genuine employee.

Why is an employee address background check important?

1. Prevents the fraud

Fraud is one of the major reasons why address verification is important. A business must know about the employees they are hiring and can access their personal information so that nothing goes wrong. With address verification, businesses can easily prevent identity fraud and continue to boost their reputation.

2. Leads to better compliance

Every business must comply with the verification policies that help maintain the organization’s reputation and integrity and ensure its security. Address verification allows checking online businesses to comply with the regulations.

3. Helps during emergencies

Emergencies can happen at any time and anywhere. Employee address verification is a process that will help employers to reach the employee’s family instantly if there is any problem or mishappening in the workplace.

4. Share employee documentation

Whatever documents the employer needs to send to the employee, they can do it if they have the right candidate's address. Once the employee verification is done they can easily send documents, rewards, and laptops, and there is no need to ask for the address again and again.

How is employee address verification done?

There are two ways you can carry out the employee verification and include:

1. Physical Address Verification

Physical address verification is done by visiting the person’s location physically. The person checks for the tenure they have been staying at the residence, checks for other members living in the family, and more. The address can be either permanent or temporary, but businesses consider the permanent ones to be more useful and reliable.

2. Online address verification

It is easy for both the employees and the employers. The employee needs to upload the files and verification documents online, and the company will verify the details digitally. The step is followed by a physical inspection.


The blog explained all the details about address verification and how it safeguards your organization when done accurately. Want to reach out to EmployeePast and discuss the brainstorming employee background services? Contact us today!