Whenever a business hires a new candidate, it is an investment in time, money, and resources. Hiring entirely refers to the growth of your business. As your company grows, the risk comes along. You have to hire new candidates to continue the operations while ensuring that you make the hiring decision.

Hiring a candidate who is accurate, reliable, and knowledgeable is a prerequisite to ensure your company grows more. Meanwhile, in a rush, the employer or the hiring team may fail to verify the exact qualification of the candidate. What looks like the most suitable candidate on the resume may not be the ideal candidate in reality. 

Therefore, the education verification here becomes the essential part of the background screening, and you must implement it when hiring the candidates.

What is Education Verification?

Education verification refers to verify the candidate's educational certification and all other related documents. Job opportunities are limited, and unemployment continues to rise. Therefore, there are a lot of chances that the employee may fake their resumes. 

It becomes crucial to verify the information that the candidate has provided in their resumes. It would not help to improve the new hire quality but also run the operations seamlessly. The employer's lookout to confirm the following things:

  • Education degrees 
  • Institutions attended 
  • Years attended 
  • Specific certifications 
  • Specialized training 

Reasons behind the educational frauds 

As the unemployment rate due to the pandemic outbreak increases, the candidates gain the opportunity to make alterations to their resumes. The most crucial reasons behind these frauds include:

1. Competitive job market

The job market is highly competitive, and several jobs require specified qualifications. Therefore, to stand in the competition and prove themselves better than the other candidates, they prefer to lie in their resumes. 

2. Higher salaries

The candidates who work for lower salaries do these kinds of fraud to increase their monthly income. With the false academic degrees and qualifications, they tend to cheat the organization. 

Why do you need educational qualification verification?

By considering the above facts, education verification is becoming crucial for the organizations that are hiring candidates. It helps to:

1. Know about skills and knowledge

The candidates you hire should have the necessary skills you need. The subject expert, the degree attained are the crucial factors that determine the knowledge of the candidate and know whether he is the right fit for the organization. Therefore, conducting an educational check would confirm everything about the skills of the candidates.

2. Safeguards you from Fake Degrees

During the ongoing pandemic, the trend of submitting fake degrees has become quite common as there is much scarcity of jobs. Organizations to cut costs fire their employees. For the employees to secure their positions and run their life has become difficult. Therefore, a company can only benefit when there are the right credentials offered by the employees.

Here comes the role of background screening services that helps you save your organization from hiring wrong by sincerely verifying all the educational qualifications appropriately.

How can we help employers verify education History?

Businesses must check the education history of the candidates. Background checks offer an entire picture here that helps organizations to maintain credibility with clients. Are you looking to opt for education background services to ensure the growth of your organization? 

EmployeePast offers background verification services that allow you to hire the most credible candidate!