High-volume recruitment is a major challenge for the recruiters. It is the most arduous task faced by the recruiters. Making calls to candidates, shortlisting resumes, posting jobs, interviews, and document verification are some extremely labor-intensive and hectic tasks. For consistent results and to avoid any hiring mistakes, you need to have a defined process with proper tools and technologies.

This guide has complete information that allows you to hire candidates in bulk while ensuring they are the right choice. Read the blog and know the best practices that allow you to reach your goals without compromising the quality of the candidate you hire.

High Volume Recruiting Challenge

To ensure that you are selecting the right candidate, you need to carry a background screening. It is one of the major factors that determines the capability of the candidate. The recruiters face different constraints. Few of them are keeping the cost of hire low, staying organized, offering the candidate a hassle-free experience. If you are not properly preparing for it, you can miss out on the best candidates.

How to make your recruiting stress-free?

There are many ways to make your high-volume recruiting strategy stress-free, efficient and effective. Let us know what they are:

1. Start with sourcing.

This is the first step towards hiring. Sourcing the candidate is the most important step that helps to create successful recruitment. You have to go through tons of resumes to find out who fits the best for your organization.

With the right use of technology, you can reach more and more candidates. Therefore, it allows you to work with a better pool of candidates from the beginning only. Many ways help you attract quality candidates, and a few of them are:

2. Programmatic advertising.

For high volume hiring, you have to reach more candidates and an effective advertising program allows your ad to reach the right audience and at the right time.

3. Chatbots

The use of chatbots continues to rise as it offers the best customer service, client communication, and query resolution instantly. The candidates may face different queries and to convert the client to lead chatbots must be installed.

4. Communicate your company culture.

New joiners would like to know how your company culture is different from the previous organizations. If you want to get the best out of your employees, be transparent and let them know what it’s like to work at your organization before and during the hiring process already. There are many channels through which you can showcase your company culture.

4. Hire Quality Candidates with an effective screening.

Always keep in mind and ensure you hire a quality candidate, as it should not be compromised. Pre-employment background checks play the most critical role and allow you to hire the potential candidate for your organization. EmployeePast is one of the best platforms that enables you to hire faster and better.

By automating manual resume screening, organizations have reduced their time to hire by 75%.

5. Post on job boards and social media.

Choosing the best platforms for the job posting is crucial to reach more desirable candidates. Gone are the simple old posting on Facebook and other platforms. You need to run high-level campaigns and target suitable candidates.

6. Automate documentation and onboarding processes.

Talent Management Solutions massively helps to obtain and organize all the hiring documents. Whether it is onboarding, automating documents, or other things, it can help you to keep everything organized.

Winding up!

High-volume recruiting challenges can be overcome with a smooth and enjoyable hiring process. Using the right tool such as automated background screening checks helps you hire the most potential candidate. Contact us and know how we help to make your hiring better and faster!