Impressed with the skills and resume of the candidate? But are you sure that the information offered by the candidate is exactly what they claim to be?

Therefore, it becomes vital to safeguard the reputation of your organization and avoid hiring the unqualified candidate. Background checks offer the ultimate solutions here. Background checks should be an integral part of the hiring. Whether hiring remotely or in the organization, these checks are mandatory.

Do you think the background checks can scare the candidates and they usually don’t appear for the interview? Well, as per research, 38% of the employees have already lost their jobs because of the bad experience in the screening process.

Can Background Screening Go Wrong?

The background checks are usually run by employers to weed out the candidates who are not potentially fit for the job. But, it is not always right that the screening conducted always goes right. There may be a bad experience for the candidates due to which the organization might lose the well qualified and desirable candidates for the wrong. 

Therefore the organizations need to make a wrong impression in front of the candidates and that could be done in the following ways.

1. Ensure that the Checks are not delayed

The organizations should ensure that the background checks are done on time. The results of the checks should be out within 24-72 hours. If it is done timely the organization may end up losing an ideal job candidate that may even affect the work productivity. 

2. It is time to be diligent

It is time to be diligent with whom you are working. The process you follow should be completed on time. Not only on time but it is also important that the company you collaborate with offers accurate and thorough checks for the candidate. 

3. Ask Candidates the feedback of checks and their reviews

It is not essential that you hire the candidate you interview. Whether you hire the candidate or not asking for their reviews and their experience is worth making an effort. Even if they are giving negative feedback it gives room for improvement and you better know how and where to make the changes. 

Can you Attract Candidates without Background Checks?

Well, the truth is, in the highly competitive job market and the current pandemic scenarios, there is unemployment. This pressurizes the candidate to forge their resumes and get the job they have dreamt of. This scenario aware the HR professionals, and it becomes essential for them to avoid the screening process. 

There should be no delay in the background checks so that you don’t lose the potential candidates.

Organizations can outsource their background screening services to get the most effective results on time. Moreover, it allows you to focus on other productive tasks that need to be done. If you want to reduce the stress of your HR teams, EmployeePast screening services have got you covered. 

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