The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the normal HR workflow and hiring new employees is affected the most. Even if you are managing people for a decade, the past year for the recruiting team has been most challenging. As most companies are switching to remote working, the companies need to rethink the way and make changes in the entire hiring process.

While there are companies who are not hiring during this time, but the essential industries such as Healthcare, the IT industry, retailers have increased the number of positions for which they are hiring.

Although the organizations continue to conduct background checks, due to the pandemic they may experience a delay in the processing time. But what causes background check delays?


What is causing background check delays?

The nationwide closure of courts and operations has lead to the disruption in criminal background checks. The courts have cut down the working hours, therefore they are accepting very fewer requests per day. Due to this reason, the time to get the results becomes higher. 

Also, the educational and work records are being hit hard because of the closure. Due to the unemployment opportunities, most of the candidates fake their resumes and documents. Therefore, a piece of advice for employers is doing hire a candidate based on their documents. It is crucial to conduct a proper screening.

There is drop in the drug testing, now as not much people are visiting hospitals and labs because of the reason they might get exposed to coronavirus. The employers have to be creative enough during hiring as COVID-19 is causing huge delays on the results for screening.


Conditional Hiring During the COVID-19

Conditional hiring is becoming a trend in this scenario. It means hiring a candidate on a condition that as soon as things would go back to normal, the candidate reviews and reports would be taken into account. So, if in case you need to hire a candidate during the emergencies, conditional hiring is the preferred.

For every business it is different, so it becomes vital to consult your advisor and revise the policies to check if conditional hiring goes well for you.

COVID-19 and the workplace: What do I need to know?

As the businesses would be excited on the reopening, it is crucial to ensure to perform everything it is possible to keep your organization employees safe. What if the candidate you hire have a criminal background. It would harm more employees and overall productivity would be affected.

As per a report from Center of Disease Control and Prevention, the employer can withdraw or put the candidate on hold if the candidate shows symptoms of COVID-19. As the regulations due to COVID-19 continue to change, it becomes vital to consult your counselor while making the employment decisions.


How EmployeePast helps if there is a delayed background check?

Reading this blog you might have understood the importance of background checks. Although there are many challenges faced by the organizations during the hiring, but EmployeePast helps you to continue to screen all potential employees.

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