A background check is the most crucial part of the hiring process. The organization continues to grow and the employers are boosting up their business while hiring new employees. Whether the employee is working remotely or work from the office, they represent your organization. It, therefore, becomes necessary that the employee hired is of great caliber.

A rigorous interview process will help you determine the skills of the candidate. But how does an employer know that the education details, experience, job history, and other details listed on their resumes are accurate?

Here comes the role of background checks. The candidate screening is the key for the employer. Hiring a trustworthy candidate has even become more important during the COVID-19 as the employees continue to work remotely.

Working Remotely during the COVID-19

Since the lockdown, working from home has become popular for employees as well as employers. Most organizations sent their employees to work from home, and this trend is not likely to go away soon. Meanwhile, employers want to ensure their hiring process doesn’t have to pause the work from a home scenario.

As per research from SIEPR, around 42% of the employees are working from homes during this scenario. Although the employers and the hiring team works from home, it does not mean that your organization can not hire the candidate with ease.

Thankfully Employee Background screening is the ultimate solution that lets employers hire trustworthy candidates and protect your workforce as your organization grows!


Tips for Conducting Background checks on Remote Employees 

There are many factors that employers need to consider before they hire the candidate. But here are the three main records that will help you determine whether the candidate is eligible to work with your organization or not.

1. Candidate Job and Employment History 

Employers must ensure that they do not hire someone who could be a liability to the organization. Social media such as Linkedin is one of the authoritative sources of screening but doesn't always end up providing the correct decision.

A candidate may lie on the resume about their previous job and education certifications. Therefore the only way for the hiring managers to accurately determine the education and employment history is through background screening.

2. Criminal Record Check

The criminal record background check will help the hiring team to know whether the candidate had an interaction with law enforcement in the past or not. The criminal history does not only affect the safety of the company but also the performance of the candidate.


Why Remote Workers Should be Screened Carefully 

It is a must for the employees to screen the potential candidates, but it even becomes more crucial when you hire the candidate to work remotely. Here are the reasons the remote workers should be screened thoroughly:

1. It’s crucial to verify the authenticity provided

The advent of technology has made it possible for employers to hire remote workers without having to meet them. In such case, it becomes even more important to ensure the person they have hired is indeed the one whom he claims to be.

The background check ensures the information provided by the candidate is true and therefore helps your organization grow!

2. Vital to check if the applicant is financially responsible

At a point, you might have to handle the employee with the costly equipment of the organization such as a Laptop, Desktop, and more. In such cases, the background screening of the candidate ensures that the candidate is financially responsible.

3. Must know if the applicant can be trusted with sensitive data

The organization may have to lend the sensitive data of the organization. If the candidate is irresponsible and hostile they might leak the data making that could even damage the reputation of the organization.

Follow Safe Hiring Practices

To hire an employee whether in person or remotely, background checks are a must that should be considered as vital as the interviews are.

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