Are you familiar with the concept of Employer branding which is the process of promoting an organization while managing and influencing their reputation among the choice of the desired target group? This helps the employers to engage the top talent. In short this is what helps you to get the best people to work with you. Say for example- working on Amazon, the company has a strong employer branding with good pay and many other perks in the office.

Do you know, 69% of the candidates reject the job proposal with a bad employer brand, even if they stay unemployed?

The companies that hire the right candidate have strong employer branding. This is where careful and well-planned employer branding becomes crucial.


What is Employer Branding and why it matters?

Thinking about the brand from the employee’s perspective in simple terms refers to employer branding. It is your company’s reputation among the workforce as well as the perception of an employee of you as an employer. Let us take a look at the reviews of Glassdoor- based on the organization’s reviews, a candidate decides to join the organization or not. As per research, 95% of candidates identify a company’s reputation as a key to explore new opportunities. Every individual will consider the reputation of your company before they apply.

Therefore, the organization needs to pay attention to the reputation of the company and respond when things are not right.

Most importantly before you hire, employee experience from the moment a person applies to a job with the company to the moment they leave their company. In simple terms, one must evaluate the complete background and lifecycle at every step.

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What happens when an organization has a poor candidate experience?

1. Significance loss of Time and Money

The wrong candidate limits a company’s future talent pool causing a huge loss of money and time. As per a survey from LinkedIn, it was found that 27% of the candidates with negative experience would not allow their fellow mates to apply for the position and join the company. This means you lose talented candidates. Over time, this becomes more difficult to attract the right pool of talent and forcing them to compromise during the hiring by hiring less qualified applicants.

2. Damage the reputation

When an employee has a poor experience, they do share their experiences on social media with a robust hit on the company’s reputation. As per a report from CareerArc, almost 72% of the job seekers have reported a bad job experience on sites such as Glassdoor and social media too.

That means even if the candidate has not experienced working with you, they may choose not to collaborate with you based on the poor experience when they google your organization.

3. Impact the organization’s growth

If candidates are avail of your goods and services they will avoid purchasing your products or services in the future for their companies, too.


How Employer Branding is related to Background Checks?

A bad candidate experience hurts the employer brand. It's time to enhance the employer brand of your organization while taking time to offer a better employee experience. At EmployeePast, we offer the best employee screening services that only reduce the time to hire, but also influence the impression a candidate has of your organization.

We can help you hire the right candidate and improve your employer’s branding. Want to learn more about our background screening services? Get in touch with us and let us discuss your requirement.