Being an HR, what is your job responsibility while you are hiring candidates for a particular post? Preparing a thorough job description (JD), posting the vacancy on various job portals, filtering the suitable candidates, scheduling interviews and finally on boarding the candidates. These all steps are included in an ideal hiring strategy. Right?

But is that it? If yes, you are missing out something major. Want to know what you left? Background check!

Never heard about a background check? No worries! Let us get a quick overview of what is a background check and why it is necessary for the hiring process.

What is a background check?

Background check is a technique which offers the genuine and complete information of a person you are about to hire like his/her organization’s commercial records, financial records, education, employment, credit history, criminal records, license record, etc. In simple words, a background check screens a candidate thoroughly and verifies if the documents of that candidate are genuine or not.

Why background check is important?

Did you ever give a thought that why most of the reputed companies carry out background checks? Is it only to verify the jobseekers' qualification details or there are some other hidden reasons as well?

Yes! Background checks not at all limits to document verification only, actually, it has much more to do with your hiring process. Conducting a background check would help you in weeding out the unsuitable, fake, or other irrelevant candidates. So, it's high time that we must know the top benefits of conducting a background check into your hiring process.

Top reasons to carry out background checks

1.Highlights criminal history: The foremost reason to carry out background check is to verify the criminal history. Reason being, there are chances that the employee shows something else but has a bad record in reality. Carrying out a background check can verify the dangerous, unreliable, untrustworthy, or people not suitable for hiring.

2.Gives you a full picture of your applicant: There are chances that the candidate's resume doesn't include some information which you must know, maybe about his/her past bad experiences in companies. Carrying out a healthy background check can help you in fetching the complete information of a candidate which you might miss otherwise.

3.Keeps employees and customers safe: From violent criminals to sex offenders, there might be people who you can't hire at any cost. And while carrying out an ordinary interview, you simply can't judge a person, but carrying out a background check will do this on your behalf and will thereby keep you on the safer side.

4.Verifies education and certifications: In this digital world, you can create a copy of any document which exactly resembles the original document. While you go through a CV, how will you be sure that the qualification and other details mentioned are true? Background check does that accurately and helps in verifying the candidate documents.

5.Helps you ensure that you've chosen the right hire: Once you have verified the candidate's qualification details. personal details and his behavior as a person, you can be sure enough that you are hiring the right person for your organization.

How EmployeePast can assist you?

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