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Should You Review Candidates Social Media Profiles Before Hiring?

There is no second thought that social media has changed the way businesses operate. Whatever you post on social media could have a serious effect on your professional life. As per research by GlassDoor 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search. A potential employer can gain a vast amount of information for the job applicant through Social media that includes: Verify previous employment, education, address, and more. Inform...

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You are doing it Wrong, If you are Hiring without a Background Check

Do you wonder what all are included in a background check? Why do employers need the background details of the employee? Well, read the blog carefully to find out! As per a survey, 95% of employers conduct background screening for new joiners during the hiring process. As the number of forged cases by the employees rises, the hiring department fears to interview candidates without a background check. And if your organization is hiring without a check on an employee, you are doing it wrong! What is Employee Background Check? As the name suggests, a b...

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How ToXSL saved time and improved hiring speed using EmployeePast?

Summary of ToXSL ToXSL Technologies is one of the leading Software development companies with over a decade of experience located in Mohali. As the organization is growing continuously it has built a robust reputation providing unlimited employment opportunities. With over more than 220 employees working they needed more control of their hiring and the background screening process. To streamline, reduce fraudulently, and decrease the turnaround time for hiring, a highly automated solution was required that would giv...

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Avoid Hiring A Candidate With Fake Resume

Did you know that 85% of employers caught job candidates lying on their resumes? How can you suspect a resume is falsified? Today’s job market is very competitive, and it has led unethical jobseekers to magnify their experience while faking their resumes. HireRight Survey finds 88 Percent of Employers have forged their resumes.

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What Are the Ways To Prevent Workplace Violation?

Technology evolves rapidly and so brings everytime with new breakthroughs and innovations.  In the same vein, the technological security system comes every time with different new advantages and upper hands. Also, while owning any business, one can't get a single chance on the safety and security measures. Thus, businesses and companies implement every time the new security systems in their workplace.  In the current scenario, where communication is getting fast...

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Employee Screening Tips For HR Departments!

Recruiting the right employees can make your business sink or swim. Thus, it's all in the company's recruiting team's hands. But the notable drifts in the technology over the past ages have a heartfelt impact on the hiring strategies. Today, multiple companies have integrated their hiring or recruiting services with employee screening services. Being an integral part of the hiring process, employee screening ensures you to get the right candidate as your potential employee. Effective employee screening and reviewing of the job candidates make the recruitment process easier and also...

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Criminal Record Checks; Overcome The Cost Of Wrong Hiring

Job searching is a tricky and tough task for both the job seekers and the employers. Companies daily conduct several interviews and hiring sessions, however, only a few get selected but both the employees and employers don't have an idea that whether the past-activities of the employee will interfere and especially if the activities are about criminal records. And that's why the criminal background check services have come into the practice to overcome the cost of wrong hiring and help the employers identify the candidates with their complete history including criminal, credit, and...

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Background & Qualification Checks; Smart Move To Defeat Frauds

Let's not ride the roller coaster and face it that yes, falsification of resumes do happen and very often. The old methods of hiring do not apply to the current scenario. Because of the falsification of resumes, enrolling with fake identities, and many more frauds, and these have become very common today. Since many employers or companies look for the candidates of higher degrees and sometimes, the candidates put wrong information on the resumes to come over the skills and experience requirements of the company. And there comes the need for background and

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