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Background Checks Helps to Enhance the Employer Branding

Are you familiar with the concept of Employer branding which is the process of promoting an organization while managing and influencing their reputation among the choice of the desired target group? This helps the employers to engage the top talent. In short this is what helps you to get the best people to work with you. Say for example- working on Amazon, the company has a strong employer branding with good pay and many other perks in the office. Do you know, 69% of...

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Why Accuracy is the Most Crucial in Pre-Employment Background Screening?

Hiring a new candidate is a big responsibility for the organization and the employer. Analyzing hundreds of resumes for a given position makes it difficult for the recruiters to hire the right candidate. Due to the increase in unemployment, candidates are faking their resumes and offer insufficient information. Based on the incomplete and insufficient information the employer can not decide whether to hire the candidate or not. But unfortunately, the bad hire happens. So here the best scenario is realizing the mistake and don’t hire the candidate before they can cause r...

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Is Vaccination Record Becoming A Part Of Employee Background Check?

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted the workflow of organizations and many industries. But now the vaccine shot the employees are questioning “Is it mandatory to get a vaccine shot during the hiring?” The lack of immunization to the employees could harm the workflow of the organization, therefore getting a vaccination shot could become a potential requirement, with little or no exceptions. Does that mean that the vaccination shot will become a part of pre-employment screening? Or is it too early to tell? How serious is the Covid-19 and Vaccination situation...

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How Recruiting Team can Avoid Wasting Time with the Right Screening Services?

The employees are the main asset that helps to run your business successfully. Whether an employee is at a lower rank or the highest rank, every employee represents your organization to clients and customers all across the world. During recruitment hiring the wrong candidate can cost your business a lot of money. As per research, the monetary cost of hiring a poor candidate could be around 30% of the employee's annual salary. Not it involves the monetary cost, but also it is a huge loss of time and resources, setting down the morale and impacting productivity. The main reason...

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How Can You Find The Right Background Screening Vendor?

There are many things and factors that need to be considered before you choose a background screening vendor for your services. The laws that govern background checks are constantly shifting, the candidates are highly misrepresenting themselves. Therefore, selecting the right vendor for your background screening adds great weight. Why employers need Background Check services? For a successful organization and work culture, background checks are essential. You invite a candidate for a job interview, conduct an interview, and you think you have hired the perfect candidat...

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Can Education Verification Protects your Company from Resume Fraud?

One of the most common lie that a candidate tells is about their educational background and achievements. Can you believe that 27% of the job applications and resumes are exaggerated about their achievements or else contains the wrong information? It has become difficult to get away with untrue credentials when applying for a job. Therefore to safeguard your company’s and employee's reputation hiring smart is crucial. Yes, education verification is one of the vital and valuable tools that help i...

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Are Job Interviews A Waste Of Time?

Recruiters follow the same hiring process for every candidate. A job is posted, a candidate applies for it and then the interview is conducted. Based on the interview the hiring of the appropriate candidate is hired. Well, the process of hiring hasn’t been changed in years, and conducting an interview has always been a crucial part. Do you really think Interviews are Waste of Time? Even the most experienced recruiter can not judge an individual just based on the job interview. Whether the person sitting on the other side of the table is telling the truth or not?...

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How Can You Safeguard Your Company’s Reputation With Background Screening?

Employees are not simply the individuals working for you, rather they are the one who builds your company’s reputation. And therefore the organization wants to hire and surround themselves with reputed candidates only. When employees harm the client's work, it’s never an individual at the fault, but the entire company’s reputation is poorly affected. There are several ways in which a background check helps in screening the candidate with the red flag and marks a poor fit for the organization. Here are a fe...

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