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How to Streamline the hiring process during the high Volume Recruitment?

High-volume recruitment is a major challenge for the recruiters. It is the most arduous task faced by the recruiters. Making calls to candidates, shortlisting resumes, posting jobs, interviews, and document verification are some extremely labor-intensive and hectic tasks. For consistent results and to avoid any hiring mistakes, you need to have a defined process with proper tools and technologies. This guide has complete information that...

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How Do Background Check Strategies Help To Minimize Post-Hire Threats?

Employers nowadays are highly concerned about the risks associated with hiring. As per a study, the biggest security threat isn’t the cyberattack but the employees only. From data theft to workplace violence, these are one of the big threats that an organization faces. But the good news is that background screening can reduce the risk. While there may be other methods to prevent fraud, let us discuss here the role of employee background screeni...

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Are You Scared Of Losing Candidates Because Of Background Checks?

Impressed with the skills and resume of the candidate? But are you sure that the information offered by the candidate is exactly what they claim to be? Therefore, it becomes vital to safeguard the reputation of your organization and avoid hiring the unqualified candidate. Background checks offer the ultimate solutions here. Background checks should be an integral part of the hiring. Whether hiring remotely or in the organization, these checks are...

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How Your Background Screening Partner Can Help During COVID-19?

No matter what industry or sector you are working in, the pandemic has affected the hiring cycle and has disrupted the normal functioning of businesses. Even when some organizations are planning to reopen, the companies are still facing several recruitment challenges. Whether it is about hiring the potential candidate for the organization or managing the workspace operations, the need to recruit skilled candidates is crucial. It has become vital for companies to hire candidates seamlessly, even during a pandemic. Therefore, it becomes important for the organizations to have a trus...

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Rectify All The Errors With Candidate Background Screening

With huge competition and a tight job market, the applicants struggle to find their desired job. The candidates may lie, misrepresent and fake their resumes to secure a job position. Well, it is not only the candidate who struggles, but also the recruiting team faces many challenges. The recruiting teams need to ensure that the candidates they are hiring perfectly fit the organization. They need to be aware of forgery and have to maintain the reputation of the organizations by eliminati...

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Mitigate the Risk of Background Screening Delays during Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the normal HR workflow and hiring new employees is affected the most. Even if you are managing people for a decade, the past year for the recruiting team has been most challenging. As most companies are switching to remote working, the companies need to rethink the way and make changes in the entire hiring process. While there are companies who are not hiring during this time, but the essential industries such as Healthcare, the IT industry, retailers have increased the number of positions for which they are hiring. Although the org...

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Background Check for Remote Workers During the COVID-19

A background check is the most crucial part of the hiring process. The organization continues to grow and the employers are boosting up their business while hiring new employees. Whether the employee is working remotely or work from the office, they represent your organization. It, therefore, becomes necessary that the employee hired is of great caliber. A rigorous interview process will help you determine the skills of the candidate. But how does an employer know that the education details, experience, job history, and other details listed on their resumes are accurate?

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How Technology is Transforming the Background Verification Process?

The most vital function that HR has to play is hiring an appropriate candidate for the organization. An employee is the one who makes or breaks the reputation of your company. To verify numerous applications and hire the right fit are time-consuming tasks especially if done manually that ultimately end up with a lot of errors. Using the right technology during recruitment not only helps to improve efficiency but also saves a lot of time, money, and resources in the long run. There are high risks involved in hiring people without a background check and therefore the demand for...

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