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Background Verification For Hiring Remote Employees

The employment process has been permanently altered in the wake of the pandemic. While a vaccine may reduce the number of people working from home, it's unlikely to change the trend toward more remote work arrangements. Likewise, business owners have taken advantage of the productiveness of remote work to adopt it as a permanent practice.  A remote workforce means you never meet your new hire in person. An online interview process will only help you to determine the skills of the candidate. However, how can one be sure that the education, experience, job history, and othe...

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Social Media Background Screening: Should It Be A Part Of Background Check?

Hiring the appropriate candidate who fits the job role is one of the daunting tasks. But it also needs to be done precisely to avoid any sought of glitches when the organizations are hiring! Yes, social media of course is an essential aspect as it helps us socialize with friends, family, and colleagues, getting through the latest news and updates. But relying on social media for hiring candidates based on their profiles, is it OK? Of course, social media check may offer a holistic view of an individual and includes checking for the personal and professional lives of the...

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Hire With Confidence: Need Of Background Checks In 2022!

The biggest asset for the organization is the workforce, and it is their knowledge and ability that can not be replaced ever. Yes, hiring the right talent is a crucial aspect and great employees help you fulfill your goals, enhance productivity, boost sales, and ultimately contribute to a healthy work environment. Therefore, hiring an efficient candidate is one of the biggest challenges the recruiters and hiring departments face. They have targets to get the seats filled and hire the candidate for the position. But finding the wrong candidate is worse than finding none at all....

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Everything Organizations Must Know About Address Verification: A Complete Guide

The hiring team nowadays faces a lot of fraudulent activities and chargebacks that made organizations focus on a robust mechanism to verify the individuals. For authentic and genuine onboarding, an employee background check has become vital. It ensures you are hiring the right candidate and your organization is safe from different fraudulent activities. One such verification involves address verification, which has gained popularity over time, and there are many reasons behind it. Address verification has become the need for organizations that keep their business safe. A...

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Provide Feedback Only Once With Our Employment Verification Services

The IT sector is growing exponentially, and the organizations are in a rush to hire candidates in hundreds. Recruitment teams are burdened by the tight deadlines to hire efficient candidates, which often tempt them to go easy on the background verification process. Hiring departments thinks of employment verification as one of the most complicated processes that ultimately lead to a poor hiring decision. Employers often overlook background verification. But it is one of the most crucial aspects that helps them understand that the employee has not exaggerated their skills...

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The Growing Need For Educational Qualification Verification 

Whenever a business hires a new candidate, it is an investment in time, money, and resources. Hiring entirely refers to the growth of your business. As your company grows, the risk comes along. You have to hire new candidates to continue the operations while ensuring that you make the hiring decision. Hiring a candidate who is accurate, reliable, and knowledgeable is a prerequisite to ensure your company grows more. Meanwhile, in a rush, the employer or the hiring team may fail to verify the exact qualification of the candidate. What looks like the most suitable candidate on the r...

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A Complete Guide To Background Checks In 2021

Finding the right candidate that fills in the position for the organization is one of the hectic tasks. The recruiter would check the resumes, interview the candidates and decide on whether to hire the candidate or not. The recruiters face many challenges during the process of hiring. What if they hire the wrong candidate that does not fit in the organization? Well, this could harm the reputation of your organization, the employees working within bring down their morale. Therefore, it becomes crucial for organizations to conduct 

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Real Impact Of A Bad Hire For Your Organization

The recruiting teams at every organization are working hard, spending their time and resources to fill the position with the right candidate. They spend weeks advertising the job, short-listing the resumes, conducting interviews, and then onboarding the candidate.  However, at a point, you realize that the candidate is not the right fit for the organization. From affecting the bottom line of the organization to financial consequences, the impact could go far beyond. While there is always a risk when you hire a new candidate, a background screening policy can help you mitigate...

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