What is employment verification?

Employment verification is a process of verifying candidate’s work history. To know more in-depth details, you can contact us.

What does a background check involve?

Background check information varies to a great extent. It usually depends on what the employer is looking for. Normally, background checks involve:

  • Employee Background Screening

  • Employment History

  • Educational Records

  • Identity Checks

  • Address Checks

  • Criminal Records

How long does a background check take?

Background checks are of many types, and the time taken by background checks depends on the type of background checks. The average time taken by background checks is as follows:

Types of Background Checks

Average Time Taken (days)

Employment Background Checks


Identity Verification Checks


Employee History Verification


Qualification Verification Checks

3 to 4

Criminal Background Checks

7 to 14

How resume verification is done?

We investigate all the information written in the resume to validate all claims made by candidates like education, employment, and more.

What type of background check is right for my company?

Different jobs require different background checks. The nature of background checks varies as per job requirements, location, and industry. So, it is advisable to speak with your legal advisor regarding the type of background checks that you should conduct.

For example, you need to conduct a credit background screening check for a job related to managing accounts and finances. Drug tests or vehicle record checks are conducted for jobs related to driving.

How much does EmployeePast background check costs?

EmployeePast Background screenings are absolutely free. To know more in-depth details, you can contact us.

Who conducts background screening?

Employers have the right to perform background screening on their new hires. Employers can perform different background verification checks based on the job role they are hiring a candidate for. For example, some employers may require employment record history or some may require criminal record and some may ask for all employment and criminal history. 

How can I check if a candidate has a criminal record?

EmployeePast helps you verify a candidate’s criminal history. The criminal background check goes through many court documents to know about the candidate’s criminal history.

For more in-depth details, you can contact us.

How do I check the status of a background check?

You can check the status on EmployeePast’s dashboard.

Where do I find old background check results?

You can find all the old background check results on the EmployeePast dashboard's "My Colleague" section.

How do I cancel my request?

If the background check has not started processing the request then you can cancel it from EmployeePast’s dashboard. But if the processing has started, you need to contact our Support Team. 

Do I get a hard copy of the result?

No, the result will be available on EmployeePast’s dashboard.

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