Kunal Kumar

Trainee engineer


Aim to work in a challenging work
environment where I can utilize my
expertise in resolving the problems in
test-plans and advocate my analytical
skills towards the growth of the

Te s t d e s i g n t e c h n i q u e s ;
understanding the defect
management process;
knowledge of the business domain;
experience in a variety of testing
understanding of common software
failures and faults;
knowledge of the system or
a p p l i c a t i o n - u n d e r- t e s t ; a n d
understanding of the test automation
, Extensive understanding of software
engineering and development
Intimately familiar with design
E xc e l l e n t p r o f e s s i o n a l
communication, both written and
E x t e n s i v e b a c kg r o u n d i n
troubleshooting and quality
Experience using multiple standard
programming languages
Critical thinking, problem-solving,
and analysis skills
Strong attention to small details
Management experience in a
leadership position
Fa m i l i a r c r e a t i n g b u g r e p o r t s w i t h
recommended solutions
Experience performing visual and
verbal presentations
Fa m i l i a r w i t h m a r ke t i n g a n d b u s i n e s s

july 2017 - jan 2018

meet with system users to understand the scope of projects
work with software developers and project support teams
identify business requirements
plan projects
monitor applications and software systems
carry out stress testing, performance testing, functional testing and scalability testing
write and execute test scripts
run manual and automated tests
test in different environments including web and mobile
write bug reports
assess code
carry out resource planning
review documentation
work towards departmental and project deadlines
provide quality assurance
provide objective feedback to software development project teams
troubleshoot and problem solve
design tests to mitigate risk
present findings to software development and business user teams

Uts global

July 2018 - Dec 2018

Zhengzhou Ignite Translation services pvt Ltd China

Sept 2019 - Jan 2021


July 2021 - Dec 2021


Dec 2021 - May 2022

Software tester engineer
To read all the documents and understand what needs to be tested.
Based on the information procured in the above step decide how it is to be tested.
Inform the test lead about what all resources will be required for software testing.
Develop test cases and prioritize testing activities.
Execute all the test case and report defects, define severity and priority for each defect.
Carry out regression testing every time when changes are made to the code to fix defects.
Defining the testing activities for subordinates – testers or test engineers.
All responsibilities of test planning.
To check if the team has all the necessary resources to execute the testing activities.
To check if testing is going hand in hand with the software development in all phases.
Prepare the status report of testing activities.
Required Interactions with customers.
Updating regularly about the progress of testing activities.

Senior software tester engineer
Working with clients to understand their business needs and goals so that the testing process
can be designed to meet their needs
Reviewing applications for potential defects or flaws in design or functionality before they are
released to the public
Participating in meetings with other members of the development team to discuss testing
strategies and issues that have arisen during testing
Designing test cases to ensure that new features work properly with other existing features
Performing manual testing of applications to identify bugs or errors in functionality
Analyzing data from previous tests to identify common issues or problems that should be
addressed during new tests
Reporting bugs and test results to programmers or project managers for further investigation
Creating documentation about test results and procedures for future reference
Senior software tester engineer
Accept and clarify testing requirements;
identify and prioritize test conditions addressing product risks and features to be tested;
define specific tests that must be designed for that area;
design test cases and sets of test cases to cover test conditions;

, Deep understanding of software
testing, its main concepts, and
processes: the whole bug life
cycle; different testing levels,
methods, and types; test estimation
ability to work in an Agile
critical thinking and analytical skills
to examine bug reports and prioritize
necessary tests, what information to
include in the daily status reports,
prioritize and estimate task
e xe c u t i o n ;
good communication and teamwork
skills to interact with project team
m e m b e r s , c l i e n t s , a n d s t a ke h o l d e r s
as well as work closely with the dev
team – from reproducing the reported
issue and emphasizing the fix for
critical bugs to understanding how
t h e b u g h a s b e e n f i xe d ;

Develop test procedures and other quality documentation: test plans, test cases, and status
reports for management;
execute or delegate exploratory, automated, and regression tests;
analyze actual results against the expected ones;
participate in the technical review process contributing behavioral viewpoint.



International open Academy


Master of Project Academy




EF Set


Bachelor In Information Science
Grades - second class
TEFL Certification
Grades - 120 hour

Certification In Project management
Grades - A
Post Graduate Diploma In International Business
Grades - First class
English Proficiency Certification
Grades - C1

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