Kimmi Kumari Sinha

Kimmi kumari sinha
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FunctionUp, Backend Developer Trainee ( Internship )
Mar 2022- PRESENT

Completed industry-related projects.
Trained in backend development in NodeJS with ExpressJS and MongoDB.
Skillful in GIT and Acquainted with AWS S3 and Redis fundamentals, GitHub.
Participated in a coding challenge conducted by FunctionUp on code zinger
and practised solving code in leetcode.
Understand the fundamentals of Caching.
Always learning and updating more.
Familiar with Redis (cache) and MongoDB queries

E-commerce | Git Hub Link


Shopping‑cart: I have created the back end of an E‑commerce website with
multiple APIs for users, products, and cart orders. Like : Amazon,Flipkart,Myntra
ets. In this project, I use Aws S3, Nodejs, and many npm libraries just as multer,

URL-Shortner | Git Hub link


URL shortening is used to create shorter aliases for long URLs. We call these
we use Redis, shortened aliases “short links.” Users are redirected to the original
URL when they hit these short links. Short links save a lot of space when
displayed, printed, messaged, or tweeted. Additionally, users are less likely to
mistype shorter URLs.

Books-Management | GitHub Link


computer science, 72%
july 2017 - 2021

Open-to-intern | Git Hub Link

St joseph bihar
sharif(Nalanda), 10th, 90%


Blog Site | Git Hub Link


Instagram Clone| Git Hub Link


Role: Backend Developer, Tech Stack: Javascript, Node, MongoDB.In this
project use you can added like,follow,updates,deleted,unlike ,block,unblock,
Comment its similar like normally we use normally daily life instagram.

Rungta College of
Engineering and
Technology bhilai - 2021

Sadar Alam Memorial
Secondary School Bihar
Sharif(Nalanda) , 12th, 58%

Role: Backend Developer, Tech Stack: Javascript, Node, MongoDB.
Blogging Site: Have created a backend for blogging where anyone can
signup and create their blogs, Like One Magazine and URBAN


Book Management Have created a project like a library anyone can registration
then read and give ratings Like‑>kindle this is the first project I made. In this
project we used to create a database of books by using MongoDB and make
sure all books have unique id by which we pick the book freely. using JWTtoken
authentication and authorization to make security.

internship: Have created for applying internships for a period of time during
which a student can apply by searching colleges. In this project, AWS S3 to use
external API and creates the URL of PDF with the help of AWS S3 Link. In this
project, we have to take the input from each student and make sure the student
must validate it.

DBMS (Mongodb)

Todo App | Git Hub Link
Role: Backend Developer, Tech Stack: Javascript, Node, MongoDB.
Todo App: Have created a backend for blogging where anyone can


March 2015- March 2017

February 2014-- March 2015

Soft Skills


Used to maintain our day-to-day tasks or list everything that we have to do

Social Handles

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